EU Citizens – A Call for Immediate Action for Animals – Must be Done In the Next Week

We ask campaigners across EU nations to please act immediately and contact your MEP’s with regard the following.  This needs to be acted on within the next week as time is short.

It concerns the Written declaration on the welfare of pets 0026/2010, a document which will be used to try and convince the European Union to use their powers of influence concerning a clear written policy concerning the welfare of animals.

Only when 50% of ALL MEP’s from the entire EU put their name to this declaration does it have a chance of moving forward to the agenda stage.

The following link gives national information on all current MEP’s within any EU member state.  To find yours simply click on your country of residence and go from there.

MEP’s for all regions of that (each) country are then listed – divided into the region of the country which they represent. Click on your region and you will then be provided with a listing of MEP’s for your region.  Then click on each MEP by name to find their direct e mail contact details.

English and German sample letters are provided below, as well as a copy of the declaration (in several languages – simply scroll down).


Bescherming pets


We ask anyone please who represents an animal welfare organization especially to please put their organizations name at the end of the letter.  Please ensure that you add your name to the sample letter and the region of (your) the country that you live in.

This is important for animals in Europe – please find time to take part.

370 MEP signatures are required by July, so time is short.


Normally, MEP’s will only respond to requests by citizens from within the region of the country which they represent.  Therefore it is essential to attempt to get as many citizens from all regions across each country to contact their (regional) MEP’s. 

ie. Northern German MEP’s will not normally respond to requests from Southern german citizens; but Southern german MEP’s should !

This is the same for any EU state – please only contact your REGIONAL MEP’s.

Thanks – SAV.

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