England (Uk): There Will Be Limited SAV Posts For A While Because …………

Dear all;

This is just a short note to inform you that at the moment, I am having to give most of my attention to another project rather than SAV.

I am personally coordinating / producing a report which will be presented to the European Union in the next couple of months regarding major investigations into live animal welfare during transport in certain parts of Europe.  

It is hoped that the report will contribute to changes in EU legislation ensuring that there will be a major overall reduction in the times which live animals currently endure in transportation.

The report is a joint production by several of Europe’s best undercover animal transport welfare organisations, which include:

PMAF – Protection Mondiale des Animaux de Ferme – France.

PMAF website: http://www.pmaf.org/ 

EoA – Eyes on Animals – the Netherlands.

Eyes on Animals website:  http://eyesonanimals.com/ 

Animals’ AngelsGermany.

Animals’ Angels website: http://www.animals-angels.de/startseite,en_ORG.html 

KALE – Kent Against Live Exports – England, Uk.

KALE website:  http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~kale/news/103.htm 

It is a major report and the above organisations hope that it will start a major re think about live animal transport throughout Europe.

I will attempt to keep SAV updated with new posts whenever the chance arrives, but please consider that priority has to currently be given elsewhere at the moment.

Thanks and regards

Mark – SAV.



All Photos – PMAF



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