Serbia: 06/07/10 Update – ‘Mila’, the Dog Who Was Attacked and Had All Her Legs Cut Off (Belgrade)

New information supplied by Diana:

An update on ‘Mila’, the little dog in Belgrade who had all of her legs cut off.

Please click on the links below for video footage of Mila as she is now.


Mila won’t be exposed to “unnecessary surgeries

BELGRADE — Deputy Secretary for Belgrade Utilities and Housing Services Vladimir Terzin has stated that Mila the dog will not be exposed to unnecessary operations.

“Mila will not be exposed to operations if the issue of her disability can be solved with orthopedic aids,” Terzin said.

The one-year old mixed breed was found in April in Belgrade with all four of her legs cut off by an unknown perpetrator.

The mutilation is treated as a criminal offence under Serbian law.

Now Terzin explained that orthopaedic paws are being considered, which would help the dog walk, and pointed out that police still had not contacted him, “which means that the investigation was still under way”.

The Belgrade Veterinary Institution announced earlier that the dog’s condition had improved and that she was ready to start preparations for a surgery to fit her with prostheses.

The final decision about who, where and if Mila will undergo surgery will be made by an expert committee.

“We’re working on her socialization, (she’s) making contact with people and other dogs so she could lead a normal life once somebody adopts her,” the Belgrade Veterinary Institution Director Bratislav Stanković said.

Mila was transferred to the Belgrade Veterinary Institution on April 26 on Mayor Dragan Đilas’ order.

Mila was admitted to a private veterinary surgery in a very serious condition, since it turned out that beside the leg injuries she also survived a heart attack and developed pneumonia.

11 June 2010 | 15:45 | Source: Tanjug



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