Serbia: ‘Dogscan’ – Pregnancy Detection in Small Animals 

A portable ultrasound scanner designated for quick pregnancy detection in small animals.

This equipment is now what welfare campaigners are suggesting should be purchased and used by community authority inspectors to verify if owned animals are actually pregnant and thus further adding to the numbers of animals which are within communities.

This should be especially used to check regularly on owned animals where the owners refuse to have their animals sterilised. 

The plan is simple; if owners of animals do have their animal(s) sterilised, then they are contributing towards reducing stray numbers for the future.  If animals have been sterilised then the owner should have documentation to show / prove this.  This must be provided to community inspectors.

If the owner cannot provide the documentation to support this, and by using the scanning equipment shown, then the inspector can confirm if the owned animal is actually pregnant; and as a result, the owner can be charged for not having their animal sterilised and also for contributing to the continual numbers of stray animals in any regions.

Regardless of being owned, the new offspring of owned animals will very often be turned out onto the streets by the owners.

There is only one way to reduce stray animal numbers; and that is a public education programme supported by public authority subsidised sterilisation programmes.

Community inspectors should be provided with this equipment now and they should use it to ensure that un-sterilised, owned animals are not released out on the streets to be mated with and yet produce more strays; simply continually adding to the stray numbers.

Sterilisation works to reduce numbers.  The authorities turning in the other direction does not.

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