Serbia: Welfare Activist Charge Made Against All 170 Authorities in Serbia over Stray Animal Treatment Policy; and Response Now Demanded by Commissioner of Public Information to Support This Request.

Slavica has now sent to the Veterinary Department of Serbia, a charge against all 170 responsible local authorities within Serbia, who are responsible for the issue and treatment of stray dogs and cats, using Article 46 of the Veterinary Law which means that all animals must be cared for and not killed.

Using Article 54 of the law for animal welfare, they have an obligation from 10/06/2009 to make a lawful programme of controlling stray dogs and cats without killing them.

Slavica has also asked for information to be provided under the ‘public importance’ sector.  She has asked that documented evidence be provided which supports that some authorities ( all ?) have not acted in accordance with their legal obligations.

All of this was undertaken during October 2009; and Slavica has not been given a response to date.  Slavica has now lodged a complaint to the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection regarding this information request.

The Commissioner has a web site at

Slavica has an excellent working relationship with the Commissioner.  As such, he has demanded that Slavica is to be provided with all this very important documentation and information; and that the information must be provided to Slavica within 3 days and to him, the Commissioner, within 7 days.

Now it is a case of actually seeing from this request by the Commissioner if anything has actually been done, or if Article 46 and Article 54 of the Veterinary law have simply been ignored by the authorities throughout Serbia and by the Veterinary Department of Serbia.

The case continues ………………

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