Serbia: PART 2 – Subotica City ‘Public Competition To Control Stray Animals’ Update – Corrupt and Authority Organised As Always – So Whats New ?

Following on from part 1 of this issue which was in a recent post;

The Constitutional Court of Serbia decided that the killings of once a week back in Subotica in 2003 were unlawful.  The Subotica authorities decided in 2008 that they could  still kill animals more than once a month.  Again the Constitutional Court of Serbia decided that these killings were unlawful.

Now, in a futile attempt to continue with their animal killings, the Subotica authorities have established this un-elected, un-democratic and very un-professional ‘Commission’ of four people who will decide the fate of animals (strays) in the city.

We argue that despite what the city Commission says, the activities and decisions which they are undertaking are illegal and unlawful under Serbian legislation.

If an animal has to be euthanised, then this decision should be taken by a vet, and in the welfare of the animal, it should be done as soon as possible; not within the next month as is the arrangement by this commission.  There are very many concerns that healthy animals will be euthanised by this fake, un-elected commission simply because one vet is involved and probably making lots of money from the process, and no doubt still is; simply because he is a vet, then his word is gospel; when in fact it means nothing.  He is just a cover for the authorities to continue killing stray animals because he, as a vet, says that they should be euthanised.  This approach will be supported by the other members of the ‘commission’; none of whom are either veterinarians or elected by the people.  This approach will ensure one thing only, that all decisions will be documented as ‘collective’ and that the responsibility of decision making will not be given to just one person.  A united ‘kill the animals’ collaboration for which nobody in the consortium can individually be held responsible.

At this present time, the Subotica authorities appear to have have the situation completely stitched up, with everything looking very ‘formal’ with regard stray animal control, when in fact the whole system is organised and run by an un-elected commission consisting of four people who simply wish to continue killing as many animals as they can, whilst making it look correct and proper to the Subotica public as the decisions have been made by a ‘commission’.

As far as we are concerned this is fraud aimed at the citizens of Subotica city.  We hope that we can make necessary changes to this system.

We understand that the vet who is part of this corrupt commission, one Grgo Tikvicki, has a wife who is a lawyer.  Everything seems to have been very well arranged to deceive the Subotica public as we say.  Tikvicki and his lawyer wife have made a very good job in the past in relation to getting animal killings to happen.  They wish to be protected from Serbian legislation, and so now they have established this un-elected, un-democratic commission of four people which is very closely associated with the chiefs of the Communal Department of Subotica city, which includes Matilda Seker and Suzana Dulic.

Everyone in the commission and the Subotica Communal Department appear to have very close ties and are all working together to undertake the continued killing of strays which goes against Serbian legislation.

We consider that Tikvicki will always be able to hide his unlawful killings under the blanket of a decision by the four members of the un-elected commission.

Animal welfare campaigners have made representations and charges on 12/07/10 to the Special Attorney Against Organised Crime who is located in Belgrade. 

Regarding Subotica, Slavica has also now requested financial support for the 1,000 dogs which she cares for at EPAR shelter.  This is because Slavica has always had to fund the care of the animals out of her own pocket, despite legislation which declares that strays care is to be financed from the city budget – an obligation of the city budget.

The Subotica city authorities are attempting to say that despite having around 1,000 dogs at EPAR shelter, which she has taken in from the streets and is providing care for out of her own money, which has included having the dogs microchipped; EPAR shelter is NOT relevant to the community legislation relating to stray animal care, and so the city should not finance the dogs care from the city budget !

Slavica from EPAR shelter has provided the authorities with all the answers to all the questions they have asked in their attempts to get out of financing the care for any of the 1,000 ex stray dogs which now live at EPAR shelter.  The Subotica city community budget cannot work its way out of paying towards the care of strays now living at EPAR shelter; be they dogs which are 3, 5, 7 years old, male or female, or microchipped when they arrived or not. 

It currently appears that Subotica city has established this un-elected, tight knit commission of four people; all who have self interests in continuing with the city policy as it always has been of killing as many strays animals from the city streets as they possibly can.

The illegal Commission killings currently go on, but we now have to wait for the review and decision of the charges and appeal made on 12/07/10 to the Special Attorney Against Organised Crime, located in Belgrade. 

Despite the commission vet being married to a lawyer, it would appear that the commission is not up to date with existing Serbian legislation relating to the care and protection of stray animals.  The commission has been established to decide simply which strays will be killed and which will be saved from death. No doubt the Subotica public will be bribed into thinking that some of the ‘spared’ strays kept alive will be cared for at this so called shelter which is run by the Commission ‘animal welfare representative’ (see Part 1), who has this small shelter of 70 to 100 animals and who always appears to have collaborated with the city authorities; by whom they have always been funded.

Meanwhile, the EPAR shelter is provided with no funding from the city authorities for the 1,000 dogs in its care – around ten times (x10) the animals at the ‘shelter’ which is run by a member of the close knit city commission.

All that can be done now is to wait for information and news from the Special Attorney Against Organised Crime which is located in Belgrade.

After all, we would consider that this un-elected commission made up of four people with a self interest in continuing to undertake the cities wishes of killing as many strays as possible is an ‘Organised Crime’.

Based on the information, what do you think ? – we would love to hear your opinions.

Please leave comments through the normal system on the site thank you.

We are certain that the Serbian government and authorities do visit this SAV site regularly – maybe it is their only way of getting to know Serbian legislation.

If the happenings in Subotica city are anything to go by, they certainly don’t know about existing legislation for stray animals !

Serbia: PART 1 – Subotica City ‘Public Competition To Control Stray Animals’ Update – Corrupt and Authority Organised As Always – So Whats New ?

At the end of May we started a series of posts – see above, in which the Constitutional Court of Serbia declared that there must be a Public Competition – Tendering for the catching of stray dogs and cats in Subotica city.

We declared in our posts that Subotica city is finally starting to / having to act in agreement with the court, by allowing public competition for the process of catching and thereafter caring strays in the city.

From the beginning of June animal welfare campaigners eagerly awaited the formal publication of the tendering process to be published in the press, as they would have a chance to tender for this.

The immediate reaction of the Subotica authorities, knowing that animal welfare organisations and the public were now going to be allowed to tender for the task, was to cut the financial budget allocated by around two thirds !

This shows the closed loop ‘look after ourselves’ attitude which the authorities have had in the past.  Money in the budget is not spent on animal welfare, but it is spent on other things not directly associated with animals.

*** Update 18/07/10   Update 18/07/10   Update 18/07/10   Update 18/07/10 ***

Some two months after being informed that the Subotica strays programme was to put out to public competition, there is still no further news or publication of the programme in the press on which the public are able to base their tender.

Originally, welfare organisations were informed that they had 30 days from 12/06/10 in which to submit their full stray control programme to the Commission of Public Competition.  On the 12/07/10 the public competition would be closed and after a review of the tenders and a further 20 days later, the Commission would decide on the winner and all participants would be informed.

And so, by the 02/08/10 all the participants in the public competition would be informed of the results.

Well, that was the schedule and plan that anyone involved and wishing to participate in was informed by the Subotica authorities.  We understand that from 30/06/10 the Subotica authorities have paid the media ready for the competition to be published, but it has not happened for almost 3 weeks since.

It appears now that prior to this whole pack of lies from the authorities, on the 18/03/10 the Subotica authorities made a new decision independently, declaring that the (stray) animal killings would only be undertaken once a month.  It appears that the listing of animals will be compiled by 4 members of a ‘Commission’; a group which has been formed to authorise the killings.

The declarations can be seen in the following documents.



We understand that the members of the ‘Commission’ which decides the fate of the animals is made up of;

One veterinarian;

one person directly involved with the city authorities;

one person from a ‘dogcatching’ firm; and

one person from an ‘animal protection’ organisation.

We can confirm that neither Slavica nor any other representative of SAV or EPAR will be involved with this Commission.  It appears the animal protection representative is from an organisation called ‘APS Subotica’ who it seems have one small shelter of 70 to 100 animals and who always appear to have collaborated with the city authorities, by whom they have always been funded.  Is it any wonder that any other animal organisation is not involved ? – the Commission animal welfare rep is from an authority funded organisation.  A do as we say type approach ?

Their (APS Subotica) position is based on 1)  education and on 2)  the humane putting to sleep of animals.  We are simply of the view that the killing of strays is their overall position and is the only way they consider controlling dog and cat populations.  Same as the authorities – what a coincidence !

Their (APS Subotica) President, Mr. Nebojsa Mihajlovic, has for many years received money from the city budget for his ‘collaboration’.  We understand that this figure is around 30,000 to 100,000 dinar per month.  Money to simply continue to give the green light for the continued killing of dogs and cats.

Mr. Nebojsa Mihajlovic appears to have established a contract with dog killers in the past.  It is alleged that in 2004, 2005 and 2006, 7,000 dinars per month was given to (Subotica) dogcatchers.  Many hundreds of animals were caught and killed, whilst the Subotica general public were told / misinformed  that the animals were being cared for at the shelter.  In fact, the animals were being killed immediately after capture.

We call this hypocrisy.  It is alleged that Mr. Nebojsa Mihajlovic always spoke about education regarding strays; but here he actually did nothing; there was never any  public education in Subotica about stray animals.

We understand that in their first article associated with this new decision, the Subotica city authorities have written declaring that the killing of dogs and cats only (not more than) once a month is ‘communal intervention’.

We declare that the illegal (Veterinary law 2005) killing of dogs and cats is euthanasia, which is ‘medical’, and not a ‘communal intervention’ policy. 

Please refer to ‘Part 2’ in another post (to be issued soon) for a continuation.


Serbia: ‘Dogscan’ – Pregnancy Detection in Small Animals 

A portable ultrasound scanner designated for quick pregnancy detection in small animals.

This equipment is now what welfare campaigners are suggesting should be purchased and used by community authority inspectors to verify if owned animals are actually pregnant and thus further adding to the numbers of animals which are within communities.

This should be especially used to check regularly on owned animals where the owners refuse to have their animals sterilised. 

The plan is simple; if owners of animals do have their animal(s) sterilised, then they are contributing towards reducing stray numbers for the future.  If animals have been sterilised then the owner should have documentation to show / prove this.  This must be provided to community inspectors.

If the owner cannot provide the documentation to support this, and by using the scanning equipment shown, then the inspector can confirm if the owned animal is actually pregnant; and as a result, the owner can be charged for not having their animal sterilised and also for contributing to the continual numbers of stray animals in any regions.

Regardless of being owned, the new offspring of owned animals will very often be turned out onto the streets by the owners.

There is only one way to reduce stray animal numbers; and that is a public education programme supported by public authority subsidised sterilisation programmes.

Community inspectors should be provided with this equipment now and they should use it to ensure that un-sterilised, owned animals are not released out on the streets to be mated with and yet produce more strays; simply continually adding to the stray numbers.

Sterilisation works to reduce numbers.  The authorities turning in the other direction does not.

Serbia: Welfare Activist Charge Made Against All 170 Authorities in Serbia over Stray Animal Treatment Policy; and Response Now Demanded by Commissioner of Public Information to Support This Request.

Slavica has now sent to the Veterinary Department of Serbia, a charge against all 170 responsible local authorities within Serbia, who are responsible for the issue and treatment of stray dogs and cats, using Article 46 of the Veterinary Law which means that all animals must be cared for and not killed.

Using Article 54 of the law for animal welfare, they have an obligation from 10/06/2009 to make a lawful programme of controlling stray dogs and cats without killing them.

Slavica has also asked for information to be provided under the ‘public importance’ sector.  She has asked that documented evidence be provided which supports that some authorities ( all ?) have not acted in accordance with their legal obligations.

All of this was undertaken during October 2009; and Slavica has not been given a response to date.  Slavica has now lodged a complaint to the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection regarding this information request.

The Commissioner has a web site at

Slavica has an excellent working relationship with the Commissioner.  As such, he has demanded that Slavica is to be provided with all this very important documentation and information; and that the information must be provided to Slavica within 3 days and to him, the Commissioner, within 7 days.

Now it is a case of actually seeing from this request by the Commissioner if anything has actually been done, or if Article 46 and Article 54 of the Veterinary law have simply been ignored by the authorities throughout Serbia and by the Veterinary Department of Serbia.

The case continues ………………

Animal TV – A Video About Modern Intensive Food Production


This short video  contains very graphic footage about all issues of factory farming and animal slaughter.  A real condensed insight into animal abuse for food production in our modern world.

You do not need to understand what is being said; the images tell the whole story on their own.

Video Link

Japan: Beautiful Intelligent Dolphin Doing ‘Tricks’ for a Brain Dead Human Audience Leaps Out of Tank in Desperation.







Pchan whale named Kuru


This startling footage shows the dramatic moment a dolphin suddenly leapt out of its tank in a desperate bid to escape captivity.

The dolphin, a species known as the false killer whale, had been taking part in a marine show at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in southwestern Japan when it jumped on to the floor near its tank.

A U.S. tourist who was among spectators at the event shot the video footage and sent it to the former dolphin trainer for the ‘Flipper’ TV show.

Shock: The false killer whale, a species of dolphin, leapt out of its tank during a marine show at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in southwestern Japan

Ric O’Barry, 70, who now makes a career out of freeing dolphins, said the video highlights the cruelty the animals suffer while in captivity.

The footage shows the stricken dolphin, called Kuru, lying on the floor as staff desperately wrap it in a mat and use a crane to lift it back into the water.

The other dolphins in the tank appear to be distressed and gathered around the side where the creature leapt out.

Mr O’Barry said: ‘The habitat of that false killer whale is so unnatural it leapt out in desperation.

‘It wanted to end it. Why does a person jump out of a building?’

Captive: The stricken animal lies on the floor as the other dolphins look on seemingly distressed

Plight: Staff wrapped the dolphin in mats and kept it wet with a hosepipe before it could be put back into the tank

Hideshi Teruya, who manages the dolphin section at the park, said the it suffered minor scratches and bruises on its head and fin, but had a healthy appetite for mackerel and squid after it was returned to the tank.

He said: ‘It was playing around and jumped out by accident from the momentum.’

Kuru, which means ‘black’ in the local dialect, was captured six years ago in the seas around Okinawa.

Mr Teruya denied the captivity was cruel and said the tank was not overcrowded and followed aquarium guidelines.

But Mr O’Barry said the guidelines were inadequate and that dolphins were used to roaming for many miles a day, not swimming in a circle and doing flips at shows.

Rescued: The female dolphin, known as Kuru, is put back among her fellow creatures using a crane

Escape bid? A member of staff looks on as the dolphin leaps out of the tank. The other dolphins can be seen on the far side of the pool

He added that keeping them in a concrete box was cruel because it bombarded them with strange sounds and deprived them of their key sensory skill.

He said: ‘It proves that captivity doesn’t work. They are free-ranging creatures with a very large brain.

‘They’re self-aware and putting them in a small tank in a stadium setting is abusive.’

Mr O’Barry featured in a film about Japanese dolphin hunting – The Cove – in which he attempted to stop the slaughter of the animals for food in the town of Taiji.

It used hidden cameras to show how the dolphins are killed – workers herd them into a cove and stab they with spears as they writhe in the water.

The film, which won best documentary at the Oscars, opened in Japanese cinemas this month despite protests and threats.


SAV Comment

Dolphins belong in the oceans swimming free, not performing dead beat tricks for dead beat, camera clicking humans who care not a jot about anything except what they have to do that afternoon.

Sad, sick humans !

Why not spend the afternoon watching ‘The Cove’ instead ? – they may just learn something.

Romania: Hells Basement for Animals – Video Link, Sample Letter and Contact Details Provided – Please Act TODAY to Close This Animal Abuse Establishment DOWN





SAV Comment

Please click on the link directly below to see the video footage which has been taken of this Hells Basement for Animals.

After the video, please act and send the sample letter given to all the contacts given in the block listing below.

For EU citizens, if you wish to contact your own MEP’s about this issue, then click on the following link – select your nation and then move on to find all your national MEPs. 



Sent: Monday, July 12, 2010 2:20 PM

Subject: Romania: Hell’s Basement for Animals (Enfer pour les chiens dans un refuge en Roumanie) (letter)

Because compassion directs us …

Please send SAMPLE LETTER (below) to email block; I do not know who wrote this letter for credit as it was on the original alert. Also PLEASE NOTE that I have removed five invalid addresses from the original alert, including one for the mayor, but more may refuse letters so it is possible you will receive additional address failures. Thank you.

Simulposted with Save the Dogs

Three months were needed of waiting and investigations to show what everyone knew for a very long time: the public dog pound in Costanza, managed by the company Alfmob srl, is nothing more than a big slaughterhouse for stray dogs. The images posted next to the dog pound, clearly show healthy animals injected in the thorax by someone looking like a veterinarian, placed in line on the ground dead and in a plastic bag. The bodies are then transported to an incinerator in a nearby region, an incinerator financed with European funds.

In the video material gathered by Save the Dogs, one can also see the captures in Cernavoda, the prohibited hygienic conditions in the Costanza dog pound and the large pincers (banned by the Romanian law – like the killing of healthy animals) used to seize the poor animals. Save the Dogs has sent a series of images to all the major Romanian television stations and the press, as well, the members of the local council of Cernavoda, asking to immediately interrupt their contract with Alfmob. Moreover, a legal action as been undertaken against the company and the vet who undertook the killings. To view the press release, click HERE.

ADDITIONAL PHOTO EVIDENCE can be found by clicking HERE

WHERE TO SEND YOUR LETTERS OF PROTEST (copy/paste into your TO: and hit one carriage return): , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


 (as provided in initial alert, thank you to whomever wrote it):

To whom it may concern,

“The GREATNESS and the MORAL PROGRESS of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ( M Gandhi )

I am outraged by the terrifying news about the way animals are treated in your country. It is beyond human comprehension to understand how it is possible such barbaric acts happen every day, all over your country, and more, the perpetrators are not punished in accordance with the full extent of the law for the protection of animals and also based on the Principles of the European Convention For the Protection of Companion Animals ( Strasbourg Nov.13, 1987.)

Please stop the slaughter of dogs in CONSTANTA…and defer to justice those who killed helpless, defenseless , healthy dogs….There is a criminal who ORDERED this massacre and he must legally punished for this…

Romania is a beautiful country; it used to have a good reputation around the world. I am afraid that, due to the horrifying cruelty shown by many Romanians against animals, due to the lack of action from the authorities supposed to implement the law, due to the fact that many perpetrators are even those hired by local authorities…Romania’s and Romanian people’s reputation has been badly tarnished.

I will not visit your country any time soon and I will inform my relatives and friends not to visit either, until all those who committed crimes against animals are punished at the full extent of the law and until the Law for the protection of animals is IMPLEMENTED and applied to everybody, including the officials who did not observe it. I will avoid buying any product of Romania, until animals are treated with respect and dignity and fully protected by the LAW.

The public dog pound in Costanza, managed by the company Alfmob srl, is nothing more than a big slaughterhouse for stray dogs:

How the public dog pound really looks like and what happens in there. In those areas, dogs are left to starve …no water either…for one week….then they are killed. As simple as that.

Mangalia public pound finally closed ….does it look HUMAN to you ?

Thank you for your attention.

YOUR NAME and Nationality