Serbia: A Letter Regarding Stray Animal Treatment From an Italian Campaigner.

The following is a letter which has been sent to Serbian officials especially regarding the treatment of strays in Nis.

It must be remembered that legislation to protect stray animals in NOT implemented throughout Serbia – avoiding the law and the killing of thousands of stray animals is a very profitable business for those who wish to look at no other alternatives.  There are corrupt local authorities supported by  corrupt republic authorities  who have no intention to implement the law. 

Instead, they continue to both dogcatchers and vets to  kill stray dogs and cats by their thousands all over Serbia, in at least 170  cities and villages, including:

Nis, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Vranje, Kosjeric, Negotin, Kragujevac, Krusevac , Uzice, Smederevo,Subotica, Sombor, Vrsac, Velika Plana, Bor, Zajecar, Loznica  ….etc……………….170 cities, and all villages  are places  for  the unlawful  catching and killing of stray dogs and cats  – paid for using public money; a dirty  neverending business of animal cruelty  in Serbia  due to non-implementation of nationally valid laws and inherrent corruption in the system.


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Sent: Sunday, October 10, 2010 11:10 AM


Honorable Officials:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am very outraged and saddened to see the many cruelties and abuses against stray animals in Serbia. I use to love Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia), but now my love for your country had diminished because of your cruel and inhumane treatment of the all too many strays in your country. I am very disgusted by your lack of compassion and disregard for the lives of the animals in your country.

What happened with your country, the Serbia that I once loved!? I know there are caring, good and sensitive people who loved animals living in Serbia, but the authorities committing mass killings of strays as well as the euthanasia of strays makes me very angry.

Please STOP killing of the innocent stray dogs in the City of Nis, BUILD a new asulym and ANNOUNCE a new tender!

I am sending you an application against re-capture stray dogs in the city of Nis, which is not based on Animal Welfare Act, under the pretext of sterilization. The dogs are cached Anarchic and Brutally. They’re captured at random, stuffed into cages one over other, they sleep in their faeces and the question is whether they use to feed them or not — it says that there are a large number of them in one cage without food or water and the cages are very dirty.

Many dogs that are caught use to not be at the pound. They’re experiencing the death sentence by dog-catcher executioners on the road of no return (they use to be killed by the dog catchers on their way to the pound), which would be a gross violation of the Animal Welfare Act, and for which is the maximum penalty prescribed. 

Tender for the sterilization was illegal (has been <span>furnished)</span> and won a man who is not a vet and expert who is previously well known by the killing of stray dogs (killer of stray dogs). Even if a dog survives sterilization, it has a big risk of mortality of sepsis in the harsh conditions in a cage, because its life on the street should be released only after recovery from sterilization.

That ‘s why I demand to let all dogs out of pound, do not catch and kill them any more, make a new asylum according to international standards, abolish illegal tender and announce another vet where expert and moral person will beat.

Therefore I request to help us, to immediately:

– all dogs to get released from the dog pound and to stop catching and killling them,

– to grant land to build a new asylum as soon as possible and to build the asylum by all international standards as well,

– to annul the illegal tender for the sterilization of dogs and launch a new race, which will get the one that does not trample ethics, and who will certainly and professionally conducts and performs its job.

Otherwise, I strongly protest your way of thinking and of handling the animals in Serbia, especially your cruel treatment of stray animals in the City of Nis. I will NOT visit Serbia UNTIL AND UNLESS these atrocities and your way of thinking of animals and stray animals change drastically. Until the authorities change the way they view and how they deal with animals and strays, not only will I not visit your country, but I will tell others of your crimes against innocent animals and urge them to BOYCOTT SERBIA TOURISM as well..

It is your duty to be aware of the situation and to care for all of the animals of Serbia properly and with compassion. The world is watching you. The time for change is now.





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