Serbia: Constitutional Court Accepts Charges Against ‘Self Invented’ Legislation for Animal Killings by Loznica City Authorities

Campaigners have now been informed that charges made at the Constitutional Court have now been given an official number to allow investigations of formal complaints to be undertaken.

The charges are made against Loznica city authority who produced a community type document allowing themselves to undertake animal killing.  But this is unlawful under current Serbian animal welfare law, regardless of what the Loznica city authority has invented in the way of its own legislation.

So the formal charge / case against Loznica city has now been formally accepted at the Constitutional Court.

We have obtained a few photographs of the terrible conditions and suffering of animals at Loznica city pound.  Animals having to rely on old pieces of bread because the city authorities are not caring for them as they should under existing legislation.

Now we wait for further information from the constitutional court.

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