Serbia: Nis City – Garbage Firm JKP Medijana Illegally Kills 1,300 Dogs in Nine Months During 2009. Information now Provided to Constitutional Court of Serbia.


Information has now been obtained regarding animal deaths in Nis City.

In 2009 in a nine and a half month period, more than 1,400 dogs were caught by the city garbage firm JKP Medijana.  Of these 1,400 dogs, we now know that 1,300 were killed.

Any cats that were captured were killed immediately; dogs killed after just three (3) days.

This policy of animal killing is unlawful but has been devised by the city and is (illegally) documented in a municipality document; a document that does not comply with existing Serbian animal welfare legislation.

On behalf of EPAR, Slavica is now sending this documentation to the Constitutional Court of Serbia.  EPAR has brought criminal charges before against city garbage firm JKP Medijana. 

This is a constant problem throughout Serbia, with authorities making up their own municipal legislation about stray animals which is in direct opposition to Serbian national legislation.  Nothing is being done by the central government to control these illegal activities by the municipal authorities.  Animals are being killed by the thousand as a result of government inaction and municipal illegal actions.

The Constitutional Court has now been provided with the information – we wait to see what happens now.




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