Greece (Kos): Sterilised Cats Cared for by Local AW Organisation Poisoned and Dumped in Container. Protest Mails Required – See Below.

Dear all,

the pictures shown have oame from “Tierhilfe Kos – Griechenland” (Animal Help Kos).

16 cats that had been castrated and fed by this organisation were found dead in a waste container.   **They had been poisoned** – sadly a common enough occurrence in Greece.

Greece – a country that takes a lot of pride in its long and old culture and history, and yet they have not moved one inch beyond such low and disgusting behaviour in over two thousand years.

The “Tierhilfe Kos” have been threatened repeatedly with legal consequences to what the authorities on Kos consider illegal activity.  Vets from Germany and Austria who offer their services for free in the interest of animal welfare are attacked by Greek vets as ruining their business.

They would rather see these animals suffering and/or dead than allowing foreigners to help them (Kos is no exception – I know of this from the Island of Cephalonia too, where foreign vet students come to castrate and treat animals for free are hidden away to escape the wrath or local authorities acting on behalf of their own Greek vets – often people of far less professional knowledge than those come from abroad).

There are 4 registered Greek vets on Kos – all they do is charge foreign tourists huge amounts for vaccinations and EU pet passports if (the tourists) take pity on individual animals and want to take them home with them.


Please protest against this atrocity

– this are mail address and fax number of the Mayor of Irakleidon: Mr. Billis Stergose


Fax: 00302242051128

The Mayor of Kos Municipality – Mr George: 

 Local newspaper who took up the dog hanging incident in Kardamena:  

Please also consider writing to your travel agents, thank you.


(Animal Help Kos)

Tierhilfe Kos


Telephone: 0043/660/254 01 09

Paschinggasse 8/4/b31170 Vienna


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