Fur Free Poland ? – Urgent Action Required To Keep Bosnian Fur Ban – Please Act NOW.


Fur Free Poland ?




Urgent Action – Make Bosnia remain fur free.




EU Parliament Exhibition

Dear Mark

It’s been a big week for the anti-fur movement

around Europe.  After many months of planning

and preparation, the Make Fur History exhibition launched in the European Parliament, organised

by the Fur Free Alliance, including Respect for

Animals, and Eurogroup For Animals.

The event showed the facts about how real

fur is produced, and why more national

bans on fur factory farming are needed

in the EU. Many MEPs agreed to support

fur farming bans in EU Member States

where fur production is still permitted,

and signed a Fur Free Pledge.

Visitors saw a series of striking photographs,

could immerse themselves into the shocking

reality of the fur farming industry through

a virtual reality experience.

Mark Glover, Vice-chairman of the Fur Free

Alliance and Campaign Director at Respect

for Animals, said:

 “This exhibition allows us to reveal the reality on European fur farms, to present the facts about

the animals bred and killed for their fur and to

show why the fur industry belongs in the past.”  

One highlight came during the round-table

discussion, which involved politicians, experts,

activists and residents. It was a major success

and we are excited about the future campaign

in Poland (Europe’s second biggest ‘producer’)

to ban fur farming. With a huge attendance from

across Europe, including around 30 aggressive

members of the fur industry, Mark Glover spoke

about the shocking cruelty caused by the fur trade

and exposed the truth about fur.

“You have the blood of millions of animals, killed

for their fur, on your hands”

You can watch a clip of what Mark said to the cruel fur industry here.



Urgent Action Needed For Bosnia



Wednesday 31 January 2018 will be a big day for

animals in Bosnia – Herzegovina. The nation’s

fur farming ban came into force earlier this

month and was once the admiration of much

of Europe. However, next Wednesday, Bosnian parliamentarians will take the final vote which

– if passed- will mean fur farming will be allowed

for a further ten years. We can’t let this happen

without a fight.

Thankfully, there are inspiring and committed

activists on the ground who will be launching

protests on Sunday- but they’ve asked us, and

you, for our help (see below!).

What you can do:

1) Express your support on social media using #FurFreeBosnia.

Compassionate people around Europe are using

their social media presence to call on Bosnia to

close their fur farms.

Please take a selfie of yourself holding our ‘Bosnia,

close your fur farms’ sign, upload it to your social

media and don’t forget to use the #FurFreeBosnia hashtag!

Download our ‘Bosnia, close your fur farms’ poster here!   (or feel free to make your own)

If you don’t want to take a selfie and are on Twitter,

please click here to Tweet your support for the

Bosnian fur farming ban.

2) Sign the letter to the Bosnian Ambassador

and let politicians know that the world is watching!

Add your name here, if you haven’t already.


Finally, you can now order campaign resources through our website. We support many grassroots groups across the country, if you have a local group or want to set one up, then let us know! We’d love to help you out any way we can. The anti-fur campaign depends on grassroots, compassionate activists.


Donate to support our printing, postage and campaigning costs



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