Germany: If You Go Down To The Woods Today – You May Come Home In A Body Bag ! – And A German Government Who Do Nothing But Bow To Hunters.



January 2013 – German hunters have been out as usual killing everything that they are able to – this even includes shooting many (human species) people who have been out simply having a walk in or around the forests and the fields near their homes; the only problem being that they (people enjoying the countryside) were on the other side of the fields of crops and could not been seen by the hunters.  The hunter, with out even verifying ‘his target’, assumed instead that they, the humans taking a walk,  were wild boar or other natural and wild animals which were ‘game’ for their guns, and indiscriminately fired into the crops hoping for a kill – another to add to their useless tally.  Sometimes they have hit humans, sometimes they have killed them.  In Germany, a walk in the forest – if  you go down to the woods today – can see you returning home, in a body bag.

But German legislation does not care about walkers being shot at, maimed or even killed by hunters– Merkel does not care – she bows continually to the pro-hunt lobby at every turn whilst ignoring the rights of normal citizens who wish to enjoy nature.  Many of these citizens have been threatened by hunters whilst simply out walking; the hunters declaring that people ‘should get out of their area’, whilst at the same time using tactics such as threatening to shoot the citizens dogs if they do not obey what is said by the gun waving hunter – get out and stay out – I am here to kill and that is what I intend to do.

It is a very sick society, but unfortunately one that the German government bows to and does nothing to fight for its non-hunt citizens – in fact Merkel supports the pro hunt lobby and detests everything Green and Eco.


The Bayerische Staatsforsten“ – the Bavarian forestry administration – has just issued a magazine with the title “Waldjagd” (Forest Hunt).

Other relevant publications concerning hunting in the Bavarian forests – offers, conditions, hunting and animal welfare etc.

So typical, this glorification of hunting, especially in this magazine. Bavaria ..

hunter bullet
Wolf im Westerwald erschossen

Germany dead wolf

Below – Page of large German hunting publication (Wild und Hund – Game and Dog)

German fox 2,7398/

The German Red Fox Award“ is a prize awarded to members of the German furriers industry for designs using German fox fur.

hunter bullet

German Fox

Rich Bitch …


… Poor Bitch

hunter bullet

scare housescare housescare house

The competition is part of the Duesseldorf trade fair “Jagd und Hund” (Hunting and Dog) from Tuesday next week through to February 3rd. It is heavily supported and sponsored by the local Hunting Association and the publication mentioned above.

They want to push for more German fox fur being worn as fashion and to revitalise a traditional industry – that is also heavily supported by the German ministry for Trade at the Hong Kong Fur Fair (German Pavilion) every year.

Sadly, most article comments reflect a support for this ..

The lettering of the title is of especial interest .. This particular font is not used anyone in modern German writing. It was used up to, say, the 1940s – the time of the Nazis.

Indeed, the current German hunting legislation was formulated by “Reichsjaegermeister” (Reich’s hunting master) Hermann Goering.

A fact that fills many hunters, especially the older generation or those with a right-wing tendency (of which there are many among the hunters), with pride.


A word to describe someone who hates animals but was unable to find one. What is the word that describes an animal hater?
by kazzzy on December 30th, 2007


I found “Misothery”, meaning a hatred and contempt for animals and animal-like aspects of nature. Misothery manifests itself in the form of animal exploitation, environmental degradation, etc. (from:

Apparently it’s a word coined by animal rights activist Jim Mason. An interview excerpt:

Q. You have coined a term called “misothery”. What does this mean and is it related to misogyny at all?

A. The word misothery (miz OTH uh ree) is coined from two Greek words, misos, “hatred”, and ther, “wild beast” or “animal”. Thus it means, literally, “hatred of animals”. More broadly, it means hatred/contempt/despising of animals/animality/nature. It is very similar in construction, meaning and use to the more familiar word misogyny, which comes from the Greek root words misos and gune, “woman”. There are all too many examples of misogyny, of course. Maybe one of the most common is an attitude expressed in one of Norman Mailer’s works: “Most men who understand women at all feel hostile toward them. At their worst, women are low, sloppy beasts.” Plenty of other examples can be found in X-rated pornography and some of the writings of the Marquis de Sade and the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. These are hateful attitudes; they indicate strong contempt and loathing.

I coined misothery because I could find no word in the English language to express the similar sort of strong, negative feeling about animals, animality and nature. The word “speciesism” is too mild, as it means merely discrimination or inequality of regard. Similarly to “sexism” and “misogyny”, sexism is discrimination, un-equal treatment; misogyny is strong hatred and contempt for women. “Speciesism” connotes unequal regard for animals; “misothery” connotes vicious, strong, deep hatred and contempt for animals. For example, just look at “animal” in any dictionary: One meaning is “an inhuman person; brutish or beastlike person”, someone who is horribly cruel and violent. Other examples of misothery are our traditional attitude toward wolves, rats, snakes, cats, bats and other species who challenge us or threaten us in some way – or so we believe. (I say traditional because these attitudes are slowly changing in some places.)

Misothery arose in the first place as early agriculturalists learned to demystify and control the forces of nature–by clearing forests, damming rivers, irrigating crops, selecting seeds, and–above all–enslaving animals and controlling their lives. In that early stage, they still had the leftovers of the Paleolithic-era regard for animals as ensouled beings who represented the spirits and powers of a greater, more mysterious natural world. Animals were more or less sacred. As agriculturalists took over nature, they had to bring animals down off their pedestal, so to speak. They were needed not as gods, but as property and commodities. The old beliefs in the animal powers had to go in order to make way for animal slavery. As with any form of slavery, the slavers had to reduce the status and strip away the dignity of the enslaved. Thus misothery begins to be seen in the art, legends, myths and laws–the culture–of early agrarian societies. By the time history begins c. 3,000 BC, misothery (and misogyny) are overtaking and displacing the earlier views of animals (and women). (from:


Here (the one above and those below) are some very recent photos obtained from contacts across Germany which show the indiscriminate killing of wildlife by hunters.  Killing which includes, fox, deer and wild boar.  These animals once shot, are simply discarded into ‘disposal bins’ which are located throughout Germany to take the body of any animal.

There is no point to any of this apart from the German hunters wanting go into the frenzy of mass kill, like hunters everywhere !

Beautiful animals killed for no reason by ‘hunter mentals’ who have noting better in life to do other than take it from other living beings.  Those who then simply discard their days activities into the bin – Job Done !

This is Germany 2013 – A good place for mass animal killers (including the current government); but a very bad place if you happen to be a civilised human out enjoying the countryside, just the same as a fox, deer or wild boar going about finding food and simply trying to survive.

hunter bullet


hunter bullet


hunter bullet


hunter bullet


hunter bullet


hunter bullet


hunter bullet


hunter bullet

Old SAV links associated with German hunting:


hunter bullet


hunter bullet


hunter bullet

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