Serbia: New Video Footage of Stray Dog Capture at Zajecar City. Sample letter Provided – Please Copy and Send.

The following footage was filmed in Zajecar city. Throughout Serbia, the authorities violate both animal and human rights by undertaking the killing of animals in this way.

Please write to the authorities of Serbia and insist  that  both your human rights and the rights of the animals are respected. A sample letter is shown below, complete with e-mail addresses to which the letter can be sent.

Thank You so very much  on behalf of poor animals in Serbia;

Sincerely – EPAR

Video footage can be seen via the following link:


BLOCK  E-mail contact details for the sample letter are as follows:

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***  Sample letter  ******  Sample letter  ***

Honorable Officials:
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am outraged and very saddened to see the many cruelties and abuses against stray animals throughout Serbia. My respect for your country has greatly diminished because of your cruel and inhumane treatment of the all too many strays in your country.

I am disgusted by your lack of compassion and disregard for the lives of the animals in your country.  I know there are many caring, good and sensitive people who love animals living in Serbia, but the fact that authorities are still committing mass killings of strays makes me very angry. 

Please STOP killing of the innocent stray dogs in the Nis, Zajecar and throughout other cities in Serbia; and take positive action to reduce stray annual numbers in your country through a ‘No Kill’, vaccination, sterilisation and microchip program.

In addition, rather than wasting taxpayers money on the continually killing animals, why not invest it in a program to educate the public and informing them that the sterilisation of their own pet animals is necessary if the stray animals numbers population is to ever be reduced. The public cannot continue to allow their own un-sterilised pets to turned out of their homes each day, wandering the streets and mating with any stray animals that they encounter.   This does nothing overall to reduce animal population numbers; in fact it does the exact opposite, contributing to an increase in stray animal numbers.

The video footage which I have recently seen regarding stray dogs in Zajecar city, is not based on any existing Serbian Animal Welfare legislation. Dogs are simply caught and treated in the most inhumane ways possible. They’re captured at random, stuffed together into tiny cages, forced to sleep in their own faeces and suffer terribly as an immediate result of your action.

The hellholes which you call an animal ‘shelter’ are anything but a shelter – they are simply places of death; killing houses. You are doing nothing to implement existing Serbian animal welfare legislation, and because of this you should be ashamed.

The Constitutional Court of Serbia says that the killing of stray dogs and cats in Serbia is forbidden from 02/10/05Authorities which still kill animals rather than provide them with care are working in direct opposition to the existing laws of Serbia regarding animal welfare. Public firms responsible for stray animals still are still attempting to justify animal killing by working to old and outdated Pravilnik legislation rather than Article 46 (168) of the new Serbian Veterinary law. As a result of this, the public firms who collect and still continue to kill strays are undertaking illegal work.

As you appear to support illegal activities which non-compliant with existing Serbian legislation, I am left with no alternative but to inform everyone in my power of the illegal actions you are taking against stray animals. This will include writing to politicians in my own country as well as providing information to the Enlargement Commission of the European Union. There is no excuse for the procedures which you are undertaking and I am determined to ensure that your actions will be fully exposed throughout the world.

You need to desperately move into the 21st-century regarding the treatment of animals, especially if you have any hope of becoming a future member state of the European Union. Compliance with the law is a fundamental requirement which is to be proven by new states seeking EU membership. As I have shown above, you are not complying with the law of your country; you are undertaking illegal activities. This needs to be, and will be, presented to the EU.

You have a fundamental duty to prove that you are complying with your own national legislation regarding animal welfare. At the moment, you seem to be failing dramatically in this. I ask you to treat all animals within Serbia correctly and with compassion. Now is the time for change as the whole world is watching you and is continually being updated on your illegal activities.

‘No kill’ sterilisation, vaccination, micro-chipping and identification is the only way forward to effectively reduce stray animal numbers throughout all towns and cities in Serbia. Until you undertake this action, you are wasting valuable taxpayers money by pouring it into a bottomless barrel. This is not acceptable.