Serbia: Due to the Work of Many, the New Smederevo Pound Has been Transformed – and Around 20 Dogs have Been Rehomed !

Above – the Old Smederevo Pound

Below – the New, after work from the new management of Komunalac cooperated with activists in helping the dogs

Animal protection in Serbia


Smederevo dog pound is a good example of changing conditions in which shelter dogs in Serbia live. In the last six months there has been a significant improvement in the conditions in this dog pound, and around 20 dogs have been adopted.

Smederevo authorities, the city firm in charge Komunalac, activists and local volunteers work together to help about 60 dogs that currently live in the pound. New management of Komunalac cooperates with activists in helping the dogs: their first step was to provide dogs with enough food, ground was covered with gravel, and together with the activists they have also repaired and enlarged some boxes and fixed some roofs.  

All of the dogs in Smederevo pound are sterilized and they have houses thanks to activists and sponsors from Serbia and abroad, and also to a vet’s practice that has been active in helping stray animals in Smederevo for years.

Volunteers treat dogs against fleas and ticks, help puppies, and dogs recovering after operations or illness, and sometimes they organize walking of dogs. Dogs need contact with people and it would be very good for them if more volunteers came to spend some time with them and also to help the pound management with finding new homes for the dogs. Dogs and cats from pounds and private shelters across Serbia need the help of volunteers. Their engagement is irreplaceable. 

According to the Serbian Animal Welfare Law, the local authorities are under obligation to carry out a strategy for resolving the problem of stray animals. Serbia is a country in transition, with a lot of problems and usually lacking finance resources and therefore the help of domestic and foreign activists is necessary.

While it is encouraging to see improvements in the Smederevo pound, the reality is that there are still hundreds of stray dogs and cats living on the streets that need urgent help. Financial support and volunteers are also needed for private mini shelters in Smederevo.

There is a lot of work that still needs to be done and it is necessary that there are local animal welfare organizations that are willing to help the local authorities of Smederevo in the process of resolving the problem of stray animals.  

Natasa Vukmirovic

Belgrade, Serbia

Smederevo May-December 2010

I would like to thank Sonja, Sylvana, Brigitte, Iris, Zsuzsanna, and all anonymous sponsors, and also to Dr Sasa Stokic and his wife Dusica from Smederevo. Without your help and support, it would be impossible to help dear dogs that live in Smederevo pound!

Thank you very much,


January 2010:

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