Serbia: Loznica; A Lawless City Where the Government Canot Control the Animal Mafia ? – You Decide.

Loznica is a city which is out of control – a city run by the animal mafia. 

Loznica is a Serbian city which appears to be run as a lawless town, where legislation is abused, unknown and simply downright ignored.

Do you remember our recent post relating to Mrs Rada Zivanovic and the excellent private shelter which she was running from her home:

It now appears that the communal inspection of Loznica city have informed Rada that all the dogs and cats at her home must be removed, otherwise the communal inspection together with the police will enter, take the animals and kill them.

Serbian campaigners will now be bringing a criminal charge regarding this situation. You can see from the pictures on our previous post that the conditions for animals at Rada’s shelter is excellent.

We simply feel that the lawless animal mafia which appears to control Loznica city is doing everything possible to kill and destroy animal life. As can be seen in the following post the Serbian constitutional court has accepted charges against self invented legislation for the killing of animals by the Loznica city authorities. We have to question the ability and willingness of the Serbian government in relation to all of this. Maybe they support it animal killings which Loznica city is again attempting; if the Serbian government does not support animal killings but instead wishes to add here to Serbian legislation relating to stray animal welfare, then we are sent to come forward and make a formal written declaration to us at SAV informing that action is being taken against senior personnel at Loznica city.

We will keep everyone, including the European Union, informed of events and any progress should it arise and the Serbian authorities decide to contact us.

USA: “It is more dangerous for a dog in a U.S. animal shelter than it is in war torn Afghanistan.”


The Killing of a Hero

“It is more dangerous for a dog in a U.S. animal shelter than it is in war torn Afghanistan.”


That is the conclusion of many heartbroken animal lovers as they found out an Arizona shelter killed a dog who saved American soldiers from a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.

The shelter calls it a “mistake,” but killing is not a “mistake” when it happens all of the time, all over the place.

While our hearts go out to the family of that poor dog, killing an animal is no less tragic because someone says a particular dog (or cat or rabbit or other animal) is unwanted. The killing of four million animals every year in our nation’s regressive pounds and “shelters” is a needless travesty that can and must be brought to an end.

Join our fight to end the systematic killing of animals in shelters. The power to change the status quo is in your hands. Learn how to reform our broken animal shelter system by clicking here.

Poland: Kielce Shelter Abuses Now Exposed – Please Act Immediately and Send Sample Letter to Authorities. Full Letter and Mail Block Listing Provided.

22/11 – New petition added:  please click on link and support.

The Polish authorities must be sent masses of protest mails about their complete and utter incompetence.

BOMBARD the Polish incompetent politicians with the sample letter given below.  A Block e mail listing is also provided.

Poland will never be allowed to keep this animal abuse quiet – the world WILL BE INFORMED.


BLOCK LISTING TO:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



I was very shocked when I saw the documented shocking pictures of dogs lying like a heap of bare bones, dogs with gaping wounds and pieces of flesh missing from their sides, their ribs exposed and broken. This is happening in KIELCE .,reportaze,gehenna_zwierzat_1,wideo_detal.html

Puppies eaten alive by desperation and starvation of others. Still others dying an agonizing, slow death while foaming at the mouth and trembling. Many are routinely kicked and beaten to death by impatient staff.  While some are simply bitten to death in a struggle for survival in a place where survival is momentary.

The SHELTER IN KIELCE is a stain on Poland’s conscience and our Silence would be a sign of Passive Acceptance.

The IMAGES in these photos speak volumes – more than the words we could ever place on this paper – our people’s hearts and consciences are wounded by the constant images of such unforgivable ACTS OF CRUELTY against these innocent and loving creatures considered man’s best friends

It is our MISSION to send a CLEAR MESSAGE that TORTURE AND MASSACRE of the animals in your country can NO LONGER BE TOLERATED AND IGNORED AND UNOFFICIALLY LEGALIZED BY THE INDIFFERENCE on the part of the authorities in charge.

KILLING dogs by methods of systematic starvation, beatings and providing no medical treatment is NOT AN ACCEPTABLE form of controlling the homeless population of unwanted animals in a country that is part of the EUROPEAN UNION.


We urge you to make every EFFORT to create a PRECEDENT in your country and show the world that POLAND will no longer tolerate nor accept excuses for animals abuse within its borders.
Your shelters need to be in line with the Directives specified in the European Union Protocol on Animal Protection.

Yours sincerely,

Your name and nationality


Uk: Animal Aid Cruelty Free Christmas Fayre – London – 5th December.