Uk: SAV Celebrates 1,000 Posts !

Welcome to this post, the 1000th post which is being published on SAV.

To date we have had 117,220 views of the site, and you have contributed no less than 2,033 comments to articles which we have shown. We thank you for these.

For those visitors who are new to the site, we have a huge archive available for you to review. You can either choose a month/year using the ‘Archives’ header on the left-hand side, or alternatively, move over to the right and select a category from the ‘Select Category’ drop-down box on the right hand side.

Using this drop-down you will obtain access to no less than 24 different categories. All the posts which have been stored under each of these categories can be freely accessed for you to read and review photographs should you require.

SAV started a few years ago simply as the result of an e-mail between Serbian and English animal campaigners. Their friendship has continued to this day and now we are proud to work together continually in the defence of animals everywhere.

Also on the left-hand side of the title page you will see a small global map covered in red dots, indicating our visitor locations. By clicking directly onto the map you will be provided with a breakdown of the number of visitors from individual different countries around the world.It is a great supporter network !

SAV is run purely on a voluntary basis; nobody is paid for any of the work they do. If you wish to (indirectly) support SAV financially, then all we ask is that you please provide a donation to the Serbian shelter detailed in the following link:

Thanks for visiting us and giving us your continued support; we intend to stay around fighting for better animal welfare legislation throughout the world but especially in Serbia and other Balkans states.



SAV – Kent, England.

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