Australia: Please Take Action to Stop the Government Exporting Live Animals Halfway Round the World to then Face a Barbaric Death.

“The most difficult investigation I have ever conducted…” 

I hope you were able to view the results of our seventh investigation into the Live Export Industry on the 7.30 Report last night (if not, click here to watch it online).

Tragically, what the ABC aired was merely a glimpse of what my co-investigator and I witnessed in the Middle East during the Festival of Sacrifice last month — Australian animals bound with wire, dragged, and shoved into car boots before being brutally killed in the streets.

Some 22 million sheep have been exported to Kuwait over the past 20 years. To visit this country again and witness even more brutal treatment of animals on this occasion was near soul destroying. As an investigator unable to intervene, all I can do is make a commitment to them that their suffering will not be in vain; that we will do everything in our power to ensure that their suffering will heighten calls for live export to end.

Change is desperately needed in the Middle East — and this will not occur whilst a country such as Australia sets an example that it is acceptable to send animals halfway around the world only to be slaughtered. The damaging message that Australia’s live export industry sets by its mere existence is that animals are nothing more than chattels to be traded and slaughtered for profit.

Australian animals need live export to end, but so do all animals in the Middle East. They need a nation to set an example that will inspire change — that will send a clear message to the region that animals and their welfare matters.

Please help us to call upon our government to end the live export trade.

By sending a quick, polite message to our Prime Minister and Agriculture minister, you will show that Australians want this cruel trade to end. I’ve included their contact details above. Your letter or e-mail need only be very brief. Your help today truly can make a huge difference.

Thank you for helping me to be a voice for these animals,

Lyn White
Animals Australia Investigator & Campaign Director

Now that the 7.30 Report has alerted the Australian public to the horrific cruelty that our live export industry is responsible for, our Government is under intense pressure to respond. Australia now has a new Agriculture minister who is willing to meet with and listen to animal welfare advocates about the inherent problems of live animal export. Please help spare millions more animals from suffering by sending a short, polite message to encourage Minister Ludwig to ban the cruel live export trade:


Please send a mail to:

Senator Joe Ludwig
Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600
Tel: (02) 6277 7200


Please also send a brief e-mail to our prime minister.

USA: Think the Secretary of the Interior wouldn’t sell out our wolves and the Endangered Species Act? Think again.

Think the Secretary of the Interior wouldn’t sell out our wolves and the Endangered Species Act? Think again.

We now know that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has been negotiating directly with the governors of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, and we now have strong reason to believe that he is going to propose and promote legislative language to eliminate life-saving protections for wolves in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and portions of Washington, Oregon, and Utah.

Hundreds of wolves — maybe more than a thousand — could die.Under Salazar’s proposal, wolves wold be delisted and lose federal protection. They would also no longer be subject to the ESA at any time and under any circumstances except at the sole discretion of the Secretary of the Interior.

Don’t let Secretary Salazar sell out our wolves and the Endnagered Species Act. Write your senators and urge them to oppose this awful plan.

And no longer would it be possible for the American public to propose protection for wolves no matter how critically imperiled they become. And once the Endnagered Species Act is weakened in such a way, it would invite futrther outrages… dealing a serious blow to the very foundation of the Endangered Species Act, the bedrock conservation law in this country.

Help save the lives of wolves and protect the Endangered Species Act. Please take action now.

Despite being the nation’s chief steward for endangered species, Secretary Salazar has demonstrated little to no concern for the Endangered Species Act, so we have no confidence that he –- or perhaps any future Secretary of the Interior –- would ever conclude that there is a need to restore ESA protection for wolves, no matter how egregious state efforts to reduce wolf numbers may be.

This problem began when Secretary Salazar –- freshly appointed to office and against the advice of numerous environmental groups and senior members of Congress –- who all said his action would be illegal, approved the Bush plan for removing federal protections for wolves. As predicted, he lost the lawsuit and federal protections for wolves was restored.

Were the Secretary’s current proposal to be enacted, it would set a horrible precedent for further legislative weakening of the Act that could easily lead to the total unraveling of the Act, and by itself would constitute by far the worst damage ever done to the ESA and to the cause of conserving biological diversity under any previous administration, Democrat or Republican.

This is an Endangered Species Act emergency. Please take action now!

We don’t have much time to make our voices hear. Please write your senators now.

For the Wildlife Ones,

Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife

China: Authorities Begin to Act Over Crush Videos – But Your Help Needed in Sending Further Mails

South China Morning Post

A woman who was smiling as she was recorded stamping small animals to death while wearing high heels has asked Chengdu police to crack down on the company that hired her and threatened her to shoot videos, the West China City Daily reports.

The woman’s identity was exposed last month by internet users outraged over a four-minute clip featuring her crushing a rabbit to death. Other clips, recorded between 2007 and 2008, show her stamping on or crushing other animals. She was paid 100 – 400 yuan for each clip, believing that only foreigners would see them.


On 3 Dec 2010, at 13:50, Pei F. Su wrote:

Dear all

Since the latest horrendous crush film was released in China through the internet, ACTAsia has been working with Chinese animal protection groups to get it banned. We issued a joint statement on 23rd November which was signed by Animals Asia Foundation, Humane Society International and the World Society for the Protection of Animals, along with 42 Chinese groups nationwide. We are pleased to report that on December 2nd the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (China’s central authority on such issues) ordered all radio and television stations at all municipal and provincial levels to remove all animal abuse and violent images, and also ordered them not to repost such footage. One of the four websites with this footage had already removed this film following protests in China, and after the government order another two have done the same.

This is an excellent development for animals, and a great response from the Chinese authorities. We will continue our protests until the website that still has this film removes it.

Over the long term, what is needed to stop this kind of abuse permanently is a good animal protection law, and we are now encouraging people to write to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress to ask for China to pass animal protection laws as soon as possible to prevent abuse such as this as well as to the animals suffering in other industries.

Please send an email with a POLITE message (no abusive language please) to the following  addresses:

A sample letter can be found on our website at,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=34&cntnt01origid=15&cntnt01returnid=72

– you can also view our original joint press statement on this issue there.

ACTAsia for Animals