Serbia: Please Take Action for Serbian Strays – Letter, E mail Addresses and Video Links to Copy ALL DETAILED Below.

Please take action by copying the sample letter given further in the post and sending to the e mail addresses given.  Also copy and include the video links given at the end of your mail;

Thank you.


Srbija nije otvorila srce –  ni prema zivotinjama ni prema ljudima ,jer krsi ljudska prava  neprimenjivanjem zakona u oblasti koja se tice  prava zivotinja i prava ljudi ;

Srbija krsi ljudska prava gazeci sopstvene zakone i Ustav.

Jos niko nije u zatvoru zbog masovnog ubijanja  kucnih ljubimaca koje je zakonom zabranjeno 2.11.2005. i zatvorom kaznjivo od 1.1.2006.  – naprotiv  Srbija takvima daje milione dinara novca poreskih obveznika, oni napreduju u karijeri, vladaju umesto da sede u zatvorima ;

u Srbiji  lovci obavljaju monitoring vrsta i prave liste za odstrele i liste zasticenih , streljanjem cuvaju prirodu.

Jos niko nije u zatvoru zbog krvolocnih  zabranjenih borbi  divljih zarobljenih zivotinja na kojima `treniraju`  svoje pse , izmisljajuci nazive: `utakmice`  `ispitivanje urodjenih osobina` , uz ucesce Kinoloskog Savez i Lovackog Saveza .

 Shintersko-lovacko-veterinarska mafija ,  `cuva` prirodu , `cuva` zivotinje, `cuva` ljudska prava  .

Nije li  sve ovo sramotno, g. Predsednice Srbije ? Uostalom  Vi verovatno ovo necete ni citati , mada se radi o LJUDSKIM PRAVIMA .

Serbia has no mercy toward stray dogs and cats  but  only has `mercy` toward irresponsible owners , shinters, hunters , who make NEVER ENDING  BUSINESS TO ANIMAL MAFIA .

Serbian authorities kill stray dogs and cats all over Serbia – that costs many millions of dinars of taxpayers money, every year again, news about Serbia`s mercy toward  animals is fraud .

Authorities do nothing to implement control of the pyramid of reproduction and authorities  do nothing in the matter of preventing unwanted births and in the matter of responsible animal ownership – although that is their legal obligation .

Corrupt authorities of Serbia time to time just have order frauds about their own mercy – and journalists write .There is not free journalisms here.

The killing stray of dogs and cats in Serbia is forbidden by law -2005. , that is not question of mercy,  but  it is question of implementation of existing laws.

Serbia does not implement its own laws .

Serbian authorities  kill stray dogs and cats  and  by that way  Serbia also violate human rights  by violation of the Serbian laws of the Constitution and by only giving support to the animal mafia .

Nobody cares about unlawful bloody animal fighting under the name of `training`, `hunters` and `kinologyst` do whatever they want– Shame on them all .



All sentient beings have an equal right to live.

Subject: Letter to President Boris Tadic

Google Translation of the letter :

Dear President, Boris Tadic,

Once you said “We are facing a great job and challenges, but our society and children have no more time to wait. If we start now, tomorrow will be too late.”
If something does not make for abandoned animals, they will be too late tomorrow. Those who abuse them did not see living beings.

We want to street dogs and cats give a person, so we invite you to help us do this. Do you, as a leader and role model of our society and as someone who advocated the Milin case, his statement supporting the initiative to respect the law and that the abandoned animals are managed and treated in a humane manner.

A large number of people have pets and would enthusiastically accept your positive feedback.

So Europe and the world send a completely different image of us.



**ACTION **  **ACTION **

Please copy and send the letter below to the following addresses:

Postovani Predsednice, Borise Tadicu,
Jednom prilikom ste izjavili “Čeka nas veliki posao i izazovi, ali naše društvo i deca nemaju više vremena za čekanje. Ako ne počnemo odmah, sutra će već biti kasno.”
Ukoliko nešto ne učinimo i za napuštene životinje, za njih će sutra biti kasno. Oni koji ih zlostavljaju u njima ne vide živa bića. Mi želimo da uličnim psima i mačkama damo lice i zato Vas pozivamo da nam u tome pomognete.

Da Vi, kao lider i uzor našeg drustva i kao neko ko se založio za Milin slučaj, svojom izjavom podržite inicijativu da se poštuje Zakon i da se napuštene životinje zbrinjavaju i tretiraju na humaniji način. Veliki broj gradjana ima kućne ljubimce i sa oduševljenjem bi prihvatili Vaš pozitivan komentar.

Tako bi Evropi i Svetu poslali sasvim drugačiju sliku o nama.
S poštovanjem
**Important; ADD Your Name and Nationality to the end of this letter


Also copy and include the following video links in your mail:


Reference Information ONLY – NOT FOR COPY

Contact details given above are for:

Andrićev venac 1, 11000 Beograd, Serbia
tel: +381 (0)11 304-3068

Masarikova 5/VI, 11000 Beograd, Serbia
tel: +381 (0)11 361-8888, fax 362-0676

for the media:

Andrićev venac 1, 11000 Beograd, Serbia
tel: +381 (0)11 323-4570, 3229-290, fax 3030-868

for official contacts:

Andrićev venac 1, 11000 Beograd, Serbia
tel: +381 (0)11 3632-007, 3632-136

USA: (California) – The Dairy/Veal Connection (VIDEO)

Video link:

The Dairy/Veal Connection (VIDEO)

Frank Allen, farm manager and humane investigator at Animal Acres Sanctuary in Acton, California reveals the horrors of the dairy industry and its connections to the production of veal.

Dairy cows are artificially inseminated by means of the “rape rack” to remain in a cycle of pregnancy and childbirth so they can continuously produce milk. They are constantly hooked up to painful milking machines which often leads to the development of mastitis. Mastitis is is a painful infection of a cow’s mammary glands that causes irritated and swollen utters that excrete blood and puss along with the milk.

The stress on their bodies is so great that they often collapse on the way to the slaughterhouse and must be dragged to their premature death at age 5. Their natural life expectancy is 25 years.

However, half of the calves born to dairy cows are male and cannot produce milk, rendering them useless to the industry. So what becomes of them? Veal.

Veal calves are separated from their mothers almost instantly. They live out the few short weeks of their miserable lives in crates so small they can’t turn around or even lie down properly so their meat will be more tender. Veal calves are provided a protein-deficient diet in hopes of inducing anemia. This causes their meat to be a more “desirable” shade of white.

Still calves, these babies are given their first real opportunity to walk (if they even can) as they’re led to their gruesome death at the slaughterhouse.

In this video, Frank visits a dairy farm in California that houses 380 cows. While there, a traumatized male calf, later lovingly named Sonny, catches his eye. He gets in touch with the owner of the dairy farm and hasthe baby released into the warm arms of Animal Acres.

Watch the video to see footage of the awful conditions at the dairy farm, but also the heartwarming story of an ex-veal calf’s new life and friends in his happy home.

Photo: M. Johnson (SAV)
SAV Comment:
Drink Soya Milk – bovine milk is for baby cows, not humans !