Romania: (Brasov) Profiteers are Planning the Mass Murder of Stray Dogs! – Please Take Action – See Below.

(Info from

Brand-new information from Brasov –

Profiteers are planning the mass murder of stray dogs!

Behind the back of the mayor of Brasov and together with several communities on the outskirts of Brasov, Flavius Barbulescu, director of SPGA in Brasov, founded a company to build a supra-regional detention camp for stray dogs. Hoping on the soon to be legalized mass euthanasia, this shelter with closed-circuit television monitoring and no public access, will be more like an extermination camp for stray dogs.  All this is done with the assistance of the Vice Mayor of Brasov, Adrian Gabor, who is in charge of the dogs in Brasov.

Flavius Barbulescu

Barbulescu is responsible for all dog catching activity in a 200 km radius around Brasov with more than 30.000 dogs killed exclusively in Brasov.

Adrian Gabor breaks his promise given to Princess Maja von Hohenzollern in 2009,  in which he agreed to neutering the dogs and not to kill them. In secrecy,  they prepare a massacre.

Please demand the mayor of Brasov to prevent and stop these plans, to remove the dog Killer Flavius Barbulescu from office and to remind the vice mayor of his promise.

The urban dog shelter in Brasov Stupin led by Flavius Barbulescu must be closed immediately and the control of dogs in Brasov must be transferred to the local animal welfare organizations.

This must not happen!!

Please demand of the Mayor of Brasov:

–  to stop these plans

–  to revoke Flavius Barbulescu’s responsibility for the dogs

–  to remind the vice mayor of his pledge and to stop him

–  to immediately close the municipal dog pound of Brasov Stupin under the control of Flavius Barbulescu and to transfer the care and responsibility for the Brasov dogs to the local animal welfare organisations

Please direct your protests to

The City hall of Brasov:

Fax : 40268470147


Flavius Barbulescu:

Fax: 40268547815  



We have now been provided with the following additional e mail contact addresses should you wish to use them:

Local and national authorities County Board :,

County Prefecture : Prefect Ioan Gontea – Deputy Prefect Ambrus Carol :,

Romanian Police Bucharest:,,, 
Brasov Police:

National Sanitary Veterinary Authority Bucharest :
Brasov office of ANSVSA :

College of Veterinarians – National :
(most veterinarians employed or contracted by municipalitites are members of this college)


And YES, Romania IS a Member State of the EU !



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