EU: International Call For the EU to Introduce an 8 Hour Maximum Journey Time for All Animals in Transport – Petition Link and Paper Copy to Download.


As someone who has personally been involved with live animal transport investigations for the last 22 years, as well as:

  • making presentations to the Uk Agriculture Ministry regarding horse export investigations
  • being the author of over 20 formal complaints to the EU Legal Affairs team in Brussels regarding live animal (calf and sheep) transport investigations,
  • being the author of a recent investigation report into the calf export trade from Ireland to mainland Europe, undertaken as a combined series of investigations by european animal welfare groups,

it can be clearly said that I personally have a real hatred of witnessing animals being transported for hours and hours packed inside livestock transporters.

Part of the title of my most recent report for the EU, which was produced last August, simply said “Time for Change“.  Now, more than ever, it is time for change within the EU regarding transport times for live animals.


I ask you please to put your name to the campaign which is being presented here by Christa and Dan which calls for a maximum duration of 8 hours for all livestock being transported within the EU.

I am informed from my very helpful contacts at the EU Legal Affairs team in Brussels, that all of our investigation work and public support for reduced transportation hours are very much being listened to.  You can help us add even more weight to this call by adding your name to the campaign for 8 hours maximum.


The link below provides access to a paper copy of the petition which is being run for this campaign.  By accessing this you can print off paper copies as required and get all your friends and family to support the call.

Link for paper copy of petition –  just access and print off your copies !       8 Hours Petition

Completed forms can be sent to Animals’ Angels e.V. in Germany – the full address is provided at the bottom of the form as per the example sheet above.  Completed forms need to be sent to Germany by end of August 2011.  The forms, as well as the online petition (link above) will then be presented to the competent political boards of the EU in September.

Now is the time for major changes to EU live animal transport legislation throughout Europe – please add your support to this.

Thank You.

Mark – Founder SAV.

Kent, England.

Photographs – PMAF and MJ.

If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.


-Albert Einstein.