Serbia: ‘Medy’ Has Been Saved From Death, But Needs a New Home and Food Urgently – Can You Help With A Donation ? – Details Below.


This is an urgent appeal to get Medy a new home and get plenty of food inside her.

Three legged Medy`s former owner was an old lady who has recently sadly died.  The local Shinters put Medy into Kragujevac city pound with the aim of killing her.  A lady named Zvezdana has rescued her instead – Medy is very thin and as you can see from the pictures, her current house is far too small.

In fact it is so small that Medy cannot even get into it !

Medy needs a new house urgently.

If you can help by making a donation towards a new house and food for Medy, then you can give via Western Union. 

All you need to have is the name and address of the person who will collect your donation; this is:

Zvezdana Radojcic,

Negotin, Badnjevo bb


Western Union can be found at

Just use the drop down to select YOUR country (where you live and will donate from).

It is very easy and donations can be made by telephone using many cards for payment.

You will be given a specific code for your transaction.

Please e mail Zvedana at the following, telling her you have donated; also provide her with the specific code you have been given by Western Union.  

E mail to

Zvezdana will then visit any of her local Western Union facilities, where she will give proof of who she is, give the specific code number  and then will be able to collect your donation.

Thanks in advance – SAV.

Please try to give for Medy.



Romania / Austria: Romanian Dogs With Severe Injuries Now In Austria and Recovering – Donations Welcome to Help Treatment Costs. Forever Homes Will Be Required Soon – Can You Help ?


Both of these guys will be looking for new, forever homes once they have recovered from their injuries.

Can you help ?  – Contact (Gabriele Surzitza) details below if you are able.

Johnny – Attacked With A Shovel

Murphy – Victim of a Wire Noose.

Romanian dogs – ‘Johnny’ and ‘Murphy’.

Johnny was smashed over the head with a shovel; and Murphy was found with a wire noose around his middle which had almost sliced him in half.

Both dogs have now been moved to Austria and are receiving continual treatment.  Johnny has to undergo another operation for his head trauma – the skin is healing well but we are informed that the skull bone still has some bone splinters which need to be removed once everything else is healed.

Here is the web link to the Austrian organisation who are now caring for both Johnny and Murphy:

If anyone can give a donation to help cover the costs of the treatments for these guys then it will be very welcome, thank you.  All donation details are provided below.


Gabriele Surzitza
Telefon: 0064 664 5133395

Website Link – Österreichisch-Bulgarische Hilfe für Tiere

Donation Details – Bank Account in Austria:

Volksbank f.d. Bez. Weiz
Kontonummer: 31147820001
BLZ: 42320
IBAN-Code: AT354232031147820001

Latest photographs from Austria; post treatment:


and  ‘Murphy’ (below)