Uk: Support Needed At London Demo For Romanian Strays – Can You be There ? – Thursday 26th May.

Botosani shelter stray dogs – now all dead; murdered by the Mayor.

Recent SAV posts on the crisis for strays in Romania:

Over 220 stray dogs were massacred in the Romanian town of Botosani last week, just as an example.  This could be a daily situation if new laws are passed in Romania – please see the main text from Chrissy below.

Support for Romanian strays needed at the London demo on 26/05.11.

Please crosspost this message to all your contacts.

Thanks – SAV.


Dear Friends,

On Thursday 26th May we plan to hold a protest in London close to the Romanian Embassy and also walk along to the Romanian Consulate Office , both located in Kensington.  This is long over-due given the fact that most other Western European  and Northern European have already held large and effective protests against the proposed change in the law which would allow the Romanian authorities to systematically massacre hundred of thousands of street and shelter dogs…. all in the name of money allowing corrupt businesses to get very rich on the back of slaughter!

The vote to bring on whether to bring in this law has been postponed several times already largely due to the pressure from the animal loving International community and from those within Romania itself.

Kendra and myself have quickly put together the website below specifically for this event.  On here you will find information being updated constantly, links to FB, Twitter, Blogs etc. There are also car sharing opportunities listed if you’re not based in/around London.

PLEASE join us, this really could be our last chance to take a stand!  If enough people turn out on the day it will send a message LOUD AND CLEAR that mass illegal killings of this kind will not be tolerated.  Although those in power in Romania care little for animals they DO care about their image and standing in Europe and so will definitely take note!!.  We have to hold the protest on a week day to avoid the Consulate and the Embassy being closed.  We are working in conjunction with the police and they have helped us establish a meeting place, a route etc.  We’ve also been granted permission to deliver by hand any petitions directly to the Embassy.

If you really can’t attend, we ask you to kindly crosspost, forward and share this email to any and all animal loving friends, family and colleagues.

Adopted ‘Rommies’ would be most welcome on the day so please bring them along… they will make perfect mascots and ambassadors for their fellow dogs at risk back home!

Warmest wishes

Chrissy xx

Pictures – Strays at the Botosani Shelter – All Have Now Been Killed By Orders From the Mayor.