Romania: Please Sign the Following PETITIONS Asking the EU to Take Action Against Romania.




France: Activists Dressed As Air Hostesses Inform Passengers About Transport of Laboratory Animals By Air France.

On Saturday the 21st of May 2011, three activists dressed as air hostesses from the airline company “Air Souffrance” braved the draconian security surveillance systems of Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris to inform the passengers at Terminal 2 about the transport of laboratory animals by Air France.

A thousand leaflets were distributed to travellers, the majority in front of the Air France ticket office. The leaflets were written in French and in English to ensure the message was relayed effectively.

The full report and pictures of the action can be found here:

Global week of action against Air France-KLM: 27 May — 3 June

Link to our previous post relating to this issue:

Romania: Video In Memory of the Botosani Shelter Victims.

On Tuesday, over 200 dogs were killed at a public shelter at the Botosani, Romania animal shelter by the order of the mayor. 

Uk: Support Needed At London Demo For Romanian Strays – Can You be There ? – Thursday 26th May.

Botosani shelter stray dogs – now all dead; murdered by the Mayor.

Recent SAV posts on the crisis for strays in Romania:

Over 220 stray dogs were massacred in the Romanian town of Botosani last week, just as an example.  This could be a daily situation if new laws are passed in Romania – please see the main text from Chrissy below.

Support for Romanian strays needed at the London demo on 26/05.11.

Please crosspost this message to all your contacts.

Thanks – SAV.


Dear Friends,

On Thursday 26th May we plan to hold a protest in London close to the Romanian Embassy and also walk along to the Romanian Consulate Office , both located in Kensington.  This is long over-due given the fact that most other Western European  and Northern European have already held large and effective protests against the proposed change in the law which would allow the Romanian authorities to systematically massacre hundred of thousands of street and shelter dogs…. all in the name of money allowing corrupt businesses to get very rich on the back of slaughter!

The vote to bring on whether to bring in this law has been postponed several times already largely due to the pressure from the animal loving International community and from those within Romania itself.

Kendra and myself have quickly put together the website below specifically for this event.  On here you will find information being updated constantly, links to FB, Twitter, Blogs etc. There are also car sharing opportunities listed if you’re not based in/around London.

PLEASE join us, this really could be our last chance to take a stand!  If enough people turn out on the day it will send a message LOUD AND CLEAR that mass illegal killings of this kind will not be tolerated.  Although those in power in Romania care little for animals they DO care about their image and standing in Europe and so will definitely take note!!.  We have to hold the protest on a week day to avoid the Consulate and the Embassy being closed.  We are working in conjunction with the police and they have helped us establish a meeting place, a route etc.  We’ve also been granted permission to deliver by hand any petitions directly to the Embassy.

If you really can’t attend, we ask you to kindly crosspost, forward and share this email to any and all animal loving friends, family and colleagues.

Adopted ‘Rommies’ would be most welcome on the day so please bring them along… they will make perfect mascots and ambassadors for their fellow dogs at risk back home!

Warmest wishes

Chrissy xx

Pictures – Strays at the Botosani Shelter – All Have Now Been Killed By Orders From the Mayor.






Out of Control ROMANIA: Romanian Politicians Have Completely Lost It Now – Kill !, Kill !!, Kill !!!, – Dogs, Horses, Anything That Is Animal – Dangerous !!

17/05 – News Snippets Direct as it Arrives – No Edit.  – SAV

Asociatia Ador

Dear friends…the mayor does not allow us to take the dogs out…they sad that the dogs are sick and the treatment will be assured by the same doctor that killed the other 230 dogs. If you can help us in any way please do it now.


help us stop the slaughter of the WILD HORSES in the Danube Delta RomaniaPLEASE SEND THIS LETTER

by Mira Iordanescu, Tuesday, 17. May 2011 at 01:25

Dear friends, I know, this is horrible…bad news after bad news…but please….please…HELP…

We just found out…literally meaning JUST FOUND OUT, one hour ago, that starting tomorrow MAY 17, 2011 they will start the ROUND UP and the transport to SLAUGHTER of the famous wild horses who live in the Letea Forest in the Danube Delta….for , maybe hundreds of years….Yes, they have multiplied…there are about 4,000….this is not an astronomical number…YET Romanian authorities have come up, AGAIN , with the only solution they are capable of : KILL THEM ALL…

Please take a look at this documentary…please stand by the people who try to save them…Please forward this note to all HORSE RESCUE ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD…this can not be allowed to happen…

And take a look at this paradise, in the Danube Delta, which they want to STAIN WITH BLOOD

Please read about the Natural Park LETEA, in the Danube Delta in Romania…it is home to extraordinary wild horses…now they want to MASSACRE THEM…and they have a genetic material recognized by scientifics…the only horses who grow longer hair in winter…they can live in very rough condition…they are a treasure……now they go after the horses too..


SUBJECT : Please STOP the round-up and the slaughter of the wild horses in the Danube Delta

Dear officials.

We just found out with stupor, about the decision of local authorities in the Galati county,  to start the round up and the SLAUGHTER of the wild horses who live in the renowned natural Park The Letea Forest, th the Danube Della.

We are appalled by these kind of decisions, to slaughter animals, taken recently by Romanian authorities…it is beyond our understanding WHY   other, more civilized and humane measures are never taken in consideration by Romanian Authorities when it come the over population of animals, of any kind.

It is very obvious that Romanian authorities are prone to KILL animals, rather than develop and implement programs which will help solve these situations in a civilized and humane manner as expected from a country in the EU in the 21st century.

We are aware of the treasure these animals represent , as described in the videos linked bellow: We kindly ask the Romanian Authorities to immediately reverse their decision and to consult with International Animal welfare organizations, Romanian Animal Protection Organizations, specialists , and to find another solution to let these animals live in peace in their natural habitat. We are determined to expose the way Romanian treats animals, all over the world, and we are also determined to boycott Romania, because such barbaric treatment of animals is unacceptable in the civilized world.

In the last couple of months, Romania took front stage , around the world, with the HORRIBLE treatment of stray dogs…who Romania continues to slaughter…now, Romania decided to also KILL all WILD HORSES…

Please, dear Romanian officials, look at these videos…and think again…all you do lately is to DESTROY…

Please read the information given by Mr. Stefan  Raileanu about the wild horses from the Danuve Delta :”Caii semisalbatici sunt prezenti in �ntregul areal al Deltei, iar in ultimii ani au devenit o problema destul de mare si un subiect de controversa, din cauza inmultirii lor. In Letea, caii sunt o problema pentru padure, zona protejata de stat, intrucat rod scoartele copacilor, ceea ce duce apoi la uscarea lor. Unele estimari indica in jur de 2500 de cai in areal. Altele – in jur de 1000. Din cauza ca au crescut un timp indelungat fara supravegherea omului, acesti cai au dezvoltat unele obiceiuri caracteristice unor animale semi-salbatice. Este greu sa te apropii de ei, caci se tem de o oameni si te simt imediat ce ai �ncalcat o distanta de siguranta. Fiecare grup este condus de o pereche ce are grija de restul turmei, iar cea mai mare autoritate o are armasarul, care este si cel ce da semnalul de retragere, cu un scurt nechezat sau cateva lovituri cu copita in pamant. Uneori, cand simte ca turma e amenintata, armasarul fuge intr-o directie, pentru a-i ademeni pe atacatori, iar iapa conduce restul turmei in alta directie, mai sigura. Caii din Letea s-au adaptat conditiilor dificile de hrana, iernilor grele si verilor toride. Pe timp de iarna, parul de pe corp le creste de 3 ori mai repede decat al cailor obisnuiti. In plus, au dezvoltat abilitatea de a metaboliza mai bine celuloza, iar asta le permite sa reziste chiar daca au de mancare doar scaieti si uscaturi. Alti cai ar avea dificultati in a supravietui in aceste parti. “Caii din Delta sunt singurele exemplare care mai dau rusticitatea speciei. Astazi, caii de sport pierd rezistenta la boli, la frig si capacitate de efort in conditii suprasolicitante. Vor veni vremuri cand acesti cai vor reprezenta o comoara zootehnica, o baza genetica importanta ce va repara tot ce pierd rasele specializate. Vor fi din ce in ce mai putine locuri in care se vor gasi comori zootehnice ca acestea. Aceste cabaline sunt o minune si nu trebuie sa fie privite ca niste daunatori”, spune Stefan Raileanu de la Institutul National de Cercetare si Dezvoltare Delta Dunarii.

It is beyond our understanding how the decision to KILL these animals has been taken…

Please, take note about this broadcast on international television about these wonderful animals you intend to KILL..

We thank you for the time accorded to read this petition and we still hope that the Romanian authorities will bring back their own country in the 21st century, in the civilized world.

Please also take note of this petition

The time has come for the Romanian Government to honour the membership of Romania in the EU, and to solve all problems regarding animals overpopulation, based on the principles stipulated in the International Conventions and Treaties Romanian has signed and ratified.

Thank you very much for your attention.



ro,,,,,,,,, stiri@agerpres.r,,, webeuropalibera@rferl.or,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ctp@gandu,,,,,,,,

(From Facebook)

Andrew Smith

After half an hour Fabiola Penu 0722.811.254 (Asoc. puppy-puppy), which was already at the Chamber of Deputies, today announced it will vote euthanasia law.

… The emergency call to go immediately to the greatest number at the Chamber of Deputies, perhaps if we have, with shirts at rallies, to assist the large number of balconies.

At this time, 11:00 am, the situation is extremely serious, is only 5 (FIVE) people from animal lovers.

URGENT Let’s go to Chamber of Deputies in BALCONIES !!!!!!!



More than 200 dogs massacred at Botosani Romania animal shelter (VIDEO)

  • May 13th, 2011 12:03 pm ET

On Tuesday, over 200 dogs were killed at a public shelter at the Botosani, Romania animal shelter by the order of the mayor. Supposedly, an overnight decision was made based on fear of an epidemic at the shelter because some of the dogs in the shelter were sick. Volunteers discovered the dogs the next this morning– in plastic bags with traces of blood everywhere. The dogs were not euthanatized by injection but slaughtered.  The volunteers were in shock and tried to save the few remaining puppies that were alive, but were allegedly assaulted and offended by the guards.    

Public shelters in Romania do not have a quarantine zone and only the NGOs feed the dogs and offer medical services. The dogs are typically kept in improper conditions because the final goal is for them to die. Euthanasia is illegal in Romania unless the dogs are sick.

Video of this tragedy appeared on the news in Romania and can be seen by clicking on the video link to the left.  A Romanian news article gives an account of the event according to one of the volunteers that found the deceased dogs (roughly translated):

“It’s hard to describe in words what I see here. Hundreds of dogs dead, killed in an hour! We tried to get some puppies in a legal manner but it was postponed and all were empty promises and ultimately saw that they wanted to kill them all. Yesterday, ADOR members came and fed the dogs on the basis of an agreement with the City. The animals were healthy. Indeed there were some sick puppies, but not rabies, as they sy.. Yesterday there were 230 dogs, we report. Today I found several near the paddocks and I took them with us. We had  raised money to pull dogs for adoption, they knew of it but it proved to be in vain. We filed a criminal complaint, we do not know what will happen… we’ll see, “said Eugen Nistor, ADOR Member of Botosani.

The NGO from Botosani that has been helping this animals in the shelter is ADOR. Their mission includes the following:

  • Partnership with City Hall to reduce the number of dogs from the streets of Botosani through human and civilized means
  • Campaign to collect food for shelter dogs from Botosani
  • Campaign to educate the population and to sterilize stray animals (sterilizations performed by veterinarians and volunteers using foundation funds)
  • Campaign to educate people about animal feces being picked up on public space
  • Campaign to inform the population about the legal provisions regarding abandonment of animals and animal torture
  • Organizing an adoption fair for stray dogs and cats
  • Organizing cultural performances to raise funds for helping the dogs in shelters

Photos from a Botosani march in silence for the dogs killed in shelter can be found in the slideshow link to the left and on the ADOR Facebook page.  More photos and video from the march can be seen at this Romanian website as well as here.

If you are outraged at the mass murder of the dogs at the Botosani shelter, you can contact the mayor, Catalin Mugurel Flutur, directly at  You can also find a sample letter and a list of all email addresses for the local politicians at his website.

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Sources: Nicoleta Adriana, Video news, ADOR


Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Write E-Mail
Location: Romania

It is obvious, that local authorities in Romania, are DETERMINED to EXTERMINATE the strays, with or without the blessing of a LAW….they now try all possible ways to KILL AS MANY dogs as possible…

Tuesday night ( May 10/11, 2011 ) they have KILLED all 200 dogs in the shelter of Botosani Romania…based on, most likely prefabricated information that an incurable disease has been discovered…(distemper)…The workers, attacked the media with bricks and a smell of alcohol surrounded them, it is said that they denied access to the POLICE !…it is very unlikely that these poor creatures have been ” humanely PTS ! Now, the Sanitary-Veterinary office from Botosani has discovered the …..”disease” and the Deputy- Mayor gave the order to kill the dogs…The Local Association, has been able to save 10 of them..

Please be so kind and sent the letter bellow. The ” euthanasia” took place over night. The veterinarian says that he PTS 200 dogs in 2 hours, with Inter-thoracic injection… well…you see, THEY, LOCAL AUTHORITIES, will find all kind of “explanation ” to KILL…please look at the photos, at the bottom of the note, you will see the dogs one day before their slaughter ! ( You may read more info in this note by Nicoleta Adriana )

TO :,,,,,,,,,,,,l,,,,,,,,,,



To whom it may concern,

I, as a human being and citizen of the world, can not find the right words to express my outrage about the massacre of strays at the city pound in Botosani, Romania.

It has become obvious already that local authorities in your country will do anything to slaughter as many strays as possible.

What has happened in your town is yet another example of how horrible the animals are treated in your country, and and there is no excuse for this barbarism.

It is obvious that the poor animals in the shelter of Botosani have been killed in barbaric ways, ( based on the media reports) and it is obvious that the employees of the shelter , by throwing bricks to the journalists, and by refusing even the Police the access in the premises, have displayed the REAL face of the barbaric treatment of animals.
Although the veterinarian says that HE euthanized 200 dogs, it is very strange that this procedure has been done over night, and that by 6 am, the next day all corpses were already ready to be sent to incineration at PROTAN…!.html

I shall boycott Romania until the animals will be treated properly and until Romania will implement the only successful program to reduce strays population, recommended by the WHO, Capture/Castrate/RETURN….and will implement and APPLY real laws for the protection of animals…
Indeed, Romania is the land of death for the animals…
I try to understand WHY the animals have been killed OVER NIGHT…? And why the local association DID NOT KNOW about the distemper epidemic in the shelter,…and why the dogs where OK one day before…

I still hope that a HONEST, THOROUGH and OPEN investigation will take place and ALL those responsible for this hideous crime against innocent animals, will be punished.

Thank you very much for your attention ,

Romania: 17/05 – Urgent Actions – Call the Mayor Please. See Below.

Romania – **ACTIONS URGENT – 17/05/11**

Corina Albota: Please everybody call the mayor of vice-mayor of Botosani and let them know that not only the 10 people from ADOR are interested in the dogs – this is what they think 0040 231 502200
Liliana Ambrus: please call from Denmark the mayor and vice mayor of Botosani!! also ask people from all over the world to call them today, tomorrow and every day until they give Ador the dogs and demand the shelter be closed after what they’ve done!!!
vor 9 Minuten · Gefällt mirGefällt mir nicht mehr
Liliana Ambrus: phone numbers: 0231-511712; 531595, please also fax them at: 0231-511712, 531595

Lacrima Ferres

This is the letter which was posted in our group in english:

SOS – In the town of Husi jud.Vaslui dogs are taken directly to the dump. I received an e-mail from animal lovers, wants help from us.

Hello, We write about the fate of the stray dogs …problem in the town Husi. In short: the dogs are taken to the streets on the pretext that they are neutered by the dog catchers, with the approval of the cityhall . But the naked truth is different: they are caught, Tranquilized, thrown into a city garbage truck, taken to the dump on the outskirts and are tamped by a bulldozer to remove any trace! Even in front of me 5 dogs that feed where trapped , one had an earring, so it was already sterilized, and at the shelter Husi, out of the five of them i found only one. The question that I ask myself is What happened to the rest? That happened on May 6. On May 7, from the entire city at the shelter we found only only 8 dogs . I went to the dump, hoping to maybe find them there Unfortunately, all I found were some dog furs eaten by crows there and when i talked to witnesses they confirmed to me that those dogs that are brought tranquilized are thrown in the garbage dump, which is passed over with a bulldozer to remove all traces. In Husi we have no association, so there is nobody to help these creatures. There is a possibility you to interfere in any way in this issue, that even in the future to stop this happen?

Thank you very much!

The protest details are here:

Romania: A Must Read Note: The Declaration of a FAMOUS, EXCELLENT, TRUSTWORTHY ROMANIAN VETERINARIAN About the Massacre in Botosani During the Last 24 Hours.

Hundreds of stray dogs currently held in a Romanian shelter have been killed during the past 24 hours.

Please see our other posts (below) dealing with this issue.  There is also a petition link which we ask you all to support.  Demand justice for the dogs which we have now found were killed using T61 – the respiratory paralysis drug.

We say again – ALL of the dogs which you see in this post and our other posts have been killed using T61 in the last 24 hours.

Now it is time for EU wide stray animal legislation.  I hope that the terrible deaths of these beautiful animals will be a turning point for stray animal legislation within the EU – Mark, SAV.

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by Mira Iordanescu, Sunday, 15. May 2011 at 22:57

Dr. LIVIU GAITA, is a renowned Romanian veterinarian, in Bucharest…

Owner & Manager, vet doctor at ORTOVET; Studied at USAMV Facultatea de Medicina Veterinara; Lives in Bucharest, Romania; Married; From Bucharest, Romania; Born on July 4, 1963

Facebook profile :

He recently expressed his opinions about the massacre of strays in Botosani, Romania in the article

Why did the Botosani massacre happen: a test for the public opinion..


Liviu Gaita, a renowned veterinarian from Bucharest, has explained for ” de ce news” which might be the motivation of those who ordered the massacre in Botosani, where 230 dogs have been killed.

The presumption that they tried to cover up some money laundering, must be verified by the authorities, but the most probable presumtion would be the version of a pilot project with which the public opinion would be tested. Some political forces still hope the passing in the Parliament of the law which allows the killing of strays in local pounds and they want to see how the people would react after the implementation of the ” final solution”

In general, the products with protein ( dog food ) are stolen from the shelters and used to feed other animals ( like pigs ) in people yards. It is also possible another fraud at a large scale, with the paper work between stores and shelter, but the cover up would not need the mass killings of strays, continued Dr.Gaita. In Romania we do not have a system to monitor and efficiently control these activities, hence those who do this can not be easily found even if one finds starved or hungry dogs in  shelters.

De Ce News:Can one make money buy stealing the food destined to the animals in a shelter ?

Liviu Gaiţă: In any shelter, public or private, the food is portioned by those who work there. There is a real battle to stop the workers from stealing the food, taking it home to feed their own pigs. It is illegal to feed the pigs with animal protein, but they like it, so this product is in great demand. It is a bit difficult to steal on a large scale, with invoices etc, but not impossible, if there are some agreements with the providers.

De Ce News: Can’t the weight of dogs be controlled, to see if they are hungry “

Liviu Gaiţă:

there is a ratio of the food which must translate in the corporal mass. At least they should not lose weight …unfortunately, there are no scales in the shelters and it would also be difficult to put the dogs on them..

De Ce News: Difficult but not impossible

Liviu Gaiţă: 

This is an issue which is not taken in consideration by the law, the regulations  are very weak. There are norms and statistics about nutrition in the West, which would allow the evaluation and the determination of the quantity of food given , but, if the law does not impose such a thing, in Romania these regulation have no value,.

I-au sufocat în pungi de plastic  ( they have been suffocated in plastic bags )

De Ce News: So, they had no reason to hide, by killing the dogs in order to erase the traces, in Botosani, right “

Liviu Gaiţă: they did not necessarily have to kill them. There is no administrative way of controlling the weight and the food portions. It rather was a test of stress. They wanted to se how the public opinion would mobilize in case there would be a national campaign to massacre strays at a large scale. A kind of pilot experiment, in a city, some where in Romania, after which they will inform the central decision factors and simply say that it was just an excessive action, in case things turn ugly. they found a man ready to kill the dogs, even if he breaks the law, and did it. Now they evaluate the reaction from the population.

De Ce News: Are the actions in Botosani illegal ?

Liviu Gaiţă:

Without any doubt. They had to prove that each and every dog suffered of an incurable disease, which is not the case. The decision is incorrect from the medical point of view and illegal from the authorities’ point of view. We do not have here an epidemic, which can be transmitted to humans, as it was with the Aviary flu. The first measure is quarantine for 10 days, then each case is discussed separately. Another very grave aspect is the procedure used for killing. Under the legal regulations, it is impossible to kill 230 dogs in 2 hours.  The (legal)procedure demands specific sanitary materials ( syringes, bottles etc ) which must be kept , in order to prove that the legal procedures have been followed, but also qualified personnel, i think they poisoned them, which is illegal, or they lie about the duration of the procedure . It is clear that they could not have the speed mentioned: the lethal substance for the euthanasia must be administered intravenous , through perfusion, not intramuscular, hence it last minutes and minutes…it is impossible to euthanise 230 dogs in 2 hours. They killed them with cruelty, by poisoning or, after the intra muscular injection they suffocated them in plastic bags.

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