Romania: Thick Head Botosani Mayor Is Leaving Animals At Shelters To Die.


New pics from Botosani, a full shelter, no wate ror food, and the request for money to buy the animals off.

Photos from the last few days can be seen at:—–28062011.html

Along with lots of news and actions.

The brain dead mayor of Botosani (pictured above) Catalin Muguel Flutur (‚surprisingly’ he is the brother of the vice-president Gheorghe Flutur of the leading party PDL) apparently wants to make an example in his town.

Probably he likes to show very big-mouthed how easy and active he manages this topic in Botosani while the government is debating cowardly about the new law.

 This mayor doesn’ t care if his doing is legal or illegal or ethical.

It’s a matter of business, retention of power and influence. These ‘cleanings’ are not acceptable!

It is hoped that the…..

 …….  but the EU appears to care very little about EU animal welfare in this case !!


Past SAV links to Romania – a bent and corrupt nation which is completely out of control when it comes to animal care:

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