Are You A ‘Daily Clicker’ ? – If Not, Then Start Now And Do So Every Day.


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We support the following ‘Daily Clicks’ campaigns every single day and we ask people to give their support to these causes also.

It is free and takes around 15 seconds to complete each daily click. But your clicks can make such a difference for animals and other great causes.

Please start to click today and make it a regular DAILY thing that you do every day that you get your computer up and running.

click 1

Here are links to all the issues which we support:


clicks 2

 Thank-you 2

And as an example of giving just a few minutes of your time each day, here for example is a summary of the daily click differences which we have made.

Daily click differences that we have made – join us with your support !!


Your click helped protect baby seals today. you have clicked 662 times to expose the cruelty of Canada’s seal hunt so far

Your click helped sponsor 1 child in need today. you have supported 627 days of child sponsorship so far

Your click saved 3.7 sq. ft. of rainforest today. you have saved 3,042.2 sq. ft. so far

Your click protected 5,500 sq. ft. of big cat habitat today. you have protected 104 acres so far

Your click protected 50 sq. ft. of ocean today. you have protected 41,200 sq. ft. so far

Your click supported 1 day of animal rescue today. you have supported 625 days of animal rescue so far

Your click fed a rescued primate today. you have fed rescued primates 662 times so far

Your click offset your computer’s energy use today. you have offset 396 days so far

Your click helped provide justice for women worldwide today. you have clicked 627 times to protect women from violence so far

Your click helped adopt and protect threatened wolves today. you have helped provide 658 days of wolf adoption so far

Please be a regular daily clicker !!

Supporting these causes each day with a simple click is SO VERY IMPORTANT – please do it.

Thanks – SAV.

thank you



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