Uk (England): Industrial Pig Farm in Derbyshire? – Please Sign the Petition to Stop Planning Application.


This petition is also open to NON UK residents to sign.

The more international support there is, the better the chance of success.

Please sign – Thank You.

Read the very interesting story about all of this so far at:


Pig farm owned by Midlands Pig Producers. Photograph: Caters News Agency

Subject: Industrial pig farm in Derbyshire?

At pig factory farms, adult sows are pregnant for most of their lives. Their piglets are artificially weaned when they’re 3-4 weeks old (natural weaning takes place at 11-14 weeks), and the sows are inseminated again one week after weaning. While pregnant, the sows are kept in stalls too small for them to move around. They bite the bars of their cages in their fever to get free.

Midland Pig Producers (MPP) wants to build a pig factory farm in a pristine field in Derbyshire. The factory farm would house 2,500 breeding sows, and 25,000 pigs total. 1,000 pigs would be slaughtered every week. If approved, the facility would be the third largest pig factory farm in the UK.

The Derbyshire County Council can stop Midland Pig Producers from building this enormous factory farm, but time is short — they may vote as soon as 11 July.

Please sign the petition to tell them to vote no.

Pig factory farms aren’t only horrible for the pigs who live and die there — they’re also extremely bad for the environment and the people who live nearby. According to the UN, livestock production accounts for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide (cars and transport account for just 14%). Toxic gases from factory farms have also been known to cause illness in nearby humans, and a University of Missouri report cited that property values within two tenths of a kilometre of factory farms decreased by 88.3%.

Perhaps worst of all, pig factory farms pump their piglets full of antibiotics, which dramatically increases the incidence of drug-resistant diseases (like MRSA) that can spread from pigs to humans. In America last year, more people died from MRSA than AIDS. 

Huge factory farms are common in America, but not so in the UK. A “no” vote from the Derbyshire County Council could set an important precedent to help keep it that way.

Please sign the petition today to tell the Derbyshire County Council to block MPP’s plans for its new factory farm:

Thanks for taking action,

– Patrick and the team

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