USA: Petition – Save Rosebud Colony! – Ferals in Peril Need YOU!

Save Rosebud Colony! Ferals in Peril Need YOU!

“Can you help me? My feral cat colony is in jeopardy from the Condo HOA board where I live. They’ve gone so far as to get estimates from trapping companies. I’m trying to educate the people here, 7 buildings with 11 units each, but my information keeps getting torn down from the bulletin boards.

 “We got 2 pages of signatures to save the cats and a copy of it is being sent to the management company and the condo board. We have heard nothing back.

COLONY MANAGEMENT: “Stray, dumped and feral cats are trapped for vet care, vaccinations, spaying/neutering and other health problems. Stray cats that are friendly are pulled for fostering and adoption. I have personally fostered 6 cats for adoption. If I have knowledge of kittens early, they can be caught and sent for foster to friends of mine. Currently all cats in Rosebud are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and have a left ear tip to show they have been to the vet. I wish we could say the same for people’s pets.”


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