Libya: Finally Some Help for Tripoli Zoo Animals.

Thank you Austria!
Fate of Animals in the Tripoli Zoo:

As the National Transitional Council struggles to establish its legitimacy and, indeed, to get the government in Libya running, some residents of Tripoli who have been suffering for days are finally getting some relief.

CNN reports that a team of animal-welfare experts from Austria’s Four Paws International has arrived in the Tripoli Zoo to tend to the animals who — unlike human residents of Tripoli — had no choice but to remain where they were as missiles were fired and Kalashnikovs shot bullets into the mammal house.

Fifteen members of the zoo staff braved the fighting to feed and water the animals every day; without this care, they would have died after three or four days.

However, with running water only recently restored to Tripoli, the hippos were in poor shape; they could only drink the water left in their pool, but were unable to swim. They have survived and now have sufficient water.

But a Siberian tiger, Osama, has died. A doctor from Vienna, Dr. Amir Khalil, who rushed to Tripoli to help the animals after seeing a TV report, says Osama died due to his age (the tiger is possibly 21 years old) and also the stress he endured.

The Tripoli Zoo opened in 1986 and was undergoing a major reconstruction when the war broke out. The South Korean construction company that was working on the project left due to security concerns. The zoo’s director, Dr. Abdulfatah Husni, says the NTC has pledged support to the zoo and that he hopes there will be exchanges with zoos around the world and the arrival of new animals who have not been traumatized by the violence of the war.

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