Uk: Pictures of Animal Suffering From A 3rd World Country ? – No; Animal Transport Approved By the Existing UK Conservative Government !! – Its Time For Change – Link to 8 Hour EU Petition Below; Please Complete Before November.


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Deadline 4 November

Why 8hours?

Every year millions of animals are transported along European highways, and too often under unacceptable conditions.

In 2002, the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare published the report “The Welfare of Animals during Transport” concluding that animal transports, as a ground rule, should be as short as possible. This recommendation is, however, not reflected in the current EU legislation.

Read more about the current EU legislation here .

According to current legislation animal transports up to several days are acceptable as long as the haulier fulfills simple demands concerning e.g. rest, feeding and watering of the animals. We do not think this is acceptable.

For a long time, societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals, concerned citizens and politicians have argued that something has to be done. Animals for slaughter should never be transported for more than eight hours.

Therefore, sign now for 8hours – and please ask your friends to do the same.

Thank You.

The following are pictures of live animals being transported out of Ramsgate harbour, Kent, England Uk.

In the Uk, there is MASSIVE public opposition to this live animal trade; but the Conservative Uk government headed by (Prime Minister) David Cameron is NOT listening to the British people; nor is the Uk Ministry Defra, headed by Caroline Spelman MP and James Paice MP, who are allegedly responsible for implementing animal welfare, but who appear to do little to support animal welfare issues such as banning live animal exports from the Uk.

The British government (Defra) are not even supporting a European wide call for the 8 hour transport limit.

All pictures taken by V. Cameron of Kent Against Live Exports (KALE).

Every picture justifies why the long distance transportation of live animals should be stopped throughout the World, not just in Europe.  Europe can make its voice heard by signing the above petition calling for a maximum 8 hour journey time.  Please add your name to this campaign.

Note that the deadline is 4th November 2011.  Please act quickly and pass on to all your friends and contacts – ask them to also kindly sign.


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