Serbia: Shelter In Need Of Support – Can You Help This New Year ?

Serbian  Flag

1 jan 1

Our little sanctuary of animal love needs your help! After many years of witnessing cruelty to animals in Serbia we decided to move to a small village in an old house – where everyone is welcome.

Having a mild heart condition I needed peace – peace with my animals. We lived within our means and everyone was happy. As times passes by, our furry family expanded – many mornings we would wake up and another injured or old dog was left on our door step, then a cage with hamsters, then we got a call if we can take some degui squirrels and chinchillas – we couldn’t say no.

Now our “animal kingdom” consists of: 10 dogs, 5 chinchillas, 2 hamsters, 2 hens, 2 ducks and 5 chicken (that shall be laying eggs when they reach adulthood). – most of them are available for adoption to good homes (except chicken and ducks – I don’t want them to finish in someone’s plate) – lots of animals to feed and we try our very best – but still short of 300E/month (about 400$).

We appreciate any help, including old towels and sheets, fleas/tick treatments but most importantly we need to by food for them.

Any donation is appreciated. You are also very much welcome to visit us – anytime, our doors are always open.










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