A fascist system of exploitation


“Over 150 million animals are killed for food around the world every day—just on land. That comes out to 56 billion land animals killed per year. Including wild-caught and farmed fish, we get a total closer to 3 billion animals killed.” ( Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals)⁣


There is no other cause or struggle that comes even close in numbers.⁣

Most victims of the Animal Holocaust do not even have legal means to be defended in courts around the globe. Their voices are not acknowledged. This is the only cause in which the victims are not even recognized as victims by the majority of the human population.

How can we trivialize the magnitude of the massacre and abuse that thousands of millions of non-human animals are subjected to every week by somehow equating any other tragedy with theirs?⁣

Just trying to include any other cause in the spaces dedicated to animal rights is an anthropocentric gesture—one which only shows selfishness and a false sense of human supremacy. ⁣

Attempts to overshadow the animal rights struggle, to not let it exist on its own, and to hide the scale of non-human annihilation at a single species’ hands are just reflections of the internalized speciesism in our society.

The need to create a movement with a unique and specific cause focused on defending the rights of voiceless victims—victims who cannot make use of the human language or legally defend their own lives—originated from that void among justice movements. The goal was to have a movement specifically dedicated to shedding light on the most ignored victims, the most oppressed on the planet, and the most numerous above all: non-human animals.


Anonymous for the Voiceless


“I want to make it clear: All around us there is a system of degradation, cruelty and killing that can compete with anything the Third Reich was capable of; indeed it can overshadow it, because our system knows no end, it regenerats itself, incessantly giving birth to rabbits, rats, poultry, livestock, just to kill them.”

J.M. Coetzee (Nobel Prize for Literature)

My best regards to all, Venus


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