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Dr. Glen Barry


FSC Rainforest Logging is Disaster Capitalism:

Tell RAN and Naomi Klein, No Such Thing as “Ethical Primary Forest Timbers”

By Rainforest Portal, a project of Ecological Internet
    October 9, 2011



Rainforest Action Network (RAN) is one of the primary obstacles to protecting ancient rainforests as they promote their first time industrial logging. RAN founded and ardently supports the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) destruction of 320,000,000 acres of primary forests (the size of South Africa), including for toilet paper and lawn furniture.

This week RAN throws another swanky celebrity filled party to congratulate themselves for logging primary forests to protect them, and to raise further money for more such “rainforest protection”. Noted author Naomi Klein will be their guest of honor and receive an award from RAN. Please make Naomi aware of this greenwash, ask that she decline the award to protest RAN’s disaster capitalism, and demand that RAN resign from FSC.

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Spain: WARNING – GRAPHIC VIDEO – SUFFERING BULL. Oh, and the Abuser Gets Injured – Karma !


A Spanish bullfighter is recovering from a five hour operation to repair his face after a terrifying goring in the north-eastern city of Zaragoza, according to a hospital official.

Television images showed the moment when the bull’s left horn ripped into Juan Jose Padilla’s lower jaw to emerge beside his protruding eyeball as spectators screamed in horror.

The hospital spokesman said Mr Padilla had suffered eye, bone, muscle and skin damage when the bull pinned him to the ground and gored him.

TV footage also showed Mr Padilla getting up from the ring, his face gushing blood, as the bull was distracted by bullring assistants.


EU: PLEASE ACT NOW – Final MEP Signatures Required To Move On With – Written Declaration 0026/2011 On Dog Population Management in the European Union.


Written Declaration 0026/2011 On Dog Population Management in the European Union.

 Today the written declaration is back – URGENT ! – time is short now to get the final signatures that we require.

We need to contact as many MEPs as possible in Europe to support this – those who have still not signed – please contact them.

Please see our link of 3rd October (below) and work from this:

EU written declaration current link:

Serbia: A Letter From Mira (Canada) to the Serbian Authorities.



Ранко Илић је човек из Ниша, рођен 23. Новембра 1963. године и живи у насељу Бубањ код Ниша.

На својој личној ФБ страници је имао албум под називом ”пси”,  у овом албуму је имао слике са крвавим борбама паса. После  неколико таквих извештаја, ФБ  је искључио његов профил .

ОВО НИЈЕ ДОВОЉНО!!!  Молимо вас да се обратите српској Полицији, Интерполу као и следећим Српским  организацијама, борбе паса нису  легалне у Србији, забрањене су и третиране као кривично дело а Ранко Илић је  организатор борби животиња са смртним исходом, злостављач животиња  и срамота за народ Србије.

              ОН МОРА БИТИ УХАПШЕН!!!

Запамтите, ова врста стереотипа је одговорна за смрт безбројних  добрих, мирних , оданих, дружељубивих и  прилагођених паса  расе пит-бул,  широм наше земље а и света. Hевини пси пате и умиру у ћумезима , ткзв.склоништима, далеко од вољених породица где су живели,  јер постоји наметнута  лажна верификација у  јавности да су пси расе пит-бул агресивни i забрањено је држање паса те расе.

Пси нису криви већ људи који дресуром мењају њихову нарав до непрепознатљивости одлика расе. 

Пси за борбу се чувају изоловани од других паса.

Пси за борбу проводе већи део свог живота на кратким, дебелим и тешким  ланцима,  често ван домашаја других паса и људи,  приморани на сурове  дресуре и борбе са другим псима , често повређени и изуједани, присиљени су  на исцрпљујуће тренинге којима се подстиче агресивност и мења у потпуности нарав и права природа ових паса.Честа је појава да им за тренинг,  у ринг  убацују насилно  ухваћени,  напуштени пси који су млади и слаби,  да би били жртве борбе како би се код пит-була подстицала  агресивност и навика да мора да убија да би био награђен, помажен  и похваљен од стране власника.. Пси расе пит бул познати су по својој слепој оданости према ономе ко их чува, храни као  и према   породици у којој живе, што се као добра особина ових паса грубо злоупотребљава од стране лица као Ранко Илић.

Последице борби паса су поражавајуће,  молимо вас, само на час, говорите за бројне  жртве,

пронађите Ранка Илића и приведите  га пред лице правде!

Молимо вас да наведете следеће снимке у свом извештају.



Thank You  Mira.

Thanks on behalf of poor animals in Serbia. We have bring charge against abusers and killers in every cases about which  we know, but  without effects .Nobody  is punished , but in every cases police investigate us : who we are,  where are  proofs from  and how we have  find  proofs  etc, and  at last inspector and Public attorneys write : there is here no crime  and our charges  be putted down .

If EU Commission   or anybody  from EU write to serbian authorities that they must implement own laws in metter of animals  –  then there is here Hope , without pressure  like this – no Hope .



EPAR-OIPA SRBIJA/Alijansa za zastitu prirode,prava zivotinja i prava ljudi
24000 Subotica,Matka Vukovica,9 Slavica Mazak Beslic

Budi vegan-spasi Planetu

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Sent: Sunday, October 09, 2011 5:18 PM

Subject: In the attention to SERBIAN AUTHORITIES AND MEDIA

Distinguished officials,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Serbia, A nation that tries so desperately to align itself with the EU, to live up to the standards of the rest of Europe and the civilized world, but fails so miserably in terms of animal welfare! Illegal dog fights where even the police makes bets, dogs strangled in trees, dogs decapitated or with their legs chopped off, dogs raped in front of children, dogs sterilized and put back on the street shortly after where they usually die, shelters filled with malnourished dogs surrounded by feces, dead bodies everywhere, puppies eating other animals – is Serbia really ready for the EU?

Horrific news about how animals are tortured, poisoned, shot, killed in your country let us all believe that civility when it comes to animal welfare, well being, respect and protection, is NOT part of your daily life nor mentality.
Until animals will be protected by strict laws, until the people of Serbia will realize that the world believes that they are some kind of barbarians, until crimes against animals, will be most severely punished, regardless of the social, political, or whatever status of the trespasser, I hope that your country will NOT be allowed in the EU and I will  share with all my friends and family all the information abut the way animals are treated in Serbia, and I will suggest them NOT to visit your country and even boycott Serbia.

It is unacceptable for the 21st century, such  acts of barbarism to be allowed to continue with IMPUNITY and,  maybe to be even sustained by authorities

I think I can tell you : Shame on you SERBIA.!/serbia-1-4609951

Mira Iordanescu’
Toronto, Canada