EU: YOU DID IT FOLKS ! – Written Declaration on Dog Population Management and Compulsory Identification and Registration Gets the Support It Needs – Even Without the Help of Some MEPs and Mainstream Political Parties !

You did it folks – Brilliant News !!

Even with such typical scepticism as we see here in the Uk from so many alleged ‘animal welfare supportive’ MEPs (from political parties such as the Conservatives and UKIP), those parties who’s MEPs who could not even bother to sign the WD; we have now won through to be able to take our message further into the next stage now.

I would personnally like to thank Liberal Democrat, Labour Party and Green Party MEPs in the South East of England for giving their support to this declaration. 

The others ? – well what can you say ? – remember when you vote at the euro elections next time !

A monumental day for animal welfare across europe.  Please see the statement below from the EU  Intergroup for animal welfare; plus other messages from Chrissy at Romanian Animal Aid, London, Carmen and also Ingrid.

There is lots to be done and lots still to be acheieved – but this is the first step now of what will end in better legislation for stray animals across Europe.

Thank You to everyone who lobbied there politicians – this is your victory.

A big congratulations to you all.

United we stand for animal welfare.

Regards and than

Mark – SAV, Kent, England.


LIST OF WHICH MEPs DID (Tick) and DID NOT sign the WD.

Please click on the link below:

WD Sig list


October 13, 2011 · 12:09 pm


Eurogroup for Animals is extremely pleased that the European Parliament has supported a Written Declaration calling on the Commission and Member States to develop a cohesive policy for dog population management and compulsory identification and registration of dogs. This sends a clear message to the European Commission that it must act now and respond to Article 13 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union which states that, animals are sentient beings and that the EU and Member States must pay full regard to the welfare requirements of animals.

This Written Declaration reinforces the message sent by the European Council during the Belgian Presidency at the end of 2010 when Council Conclusions on the welfare of cats and dogs were agreed. These conclusions called on the European Commission to include the welfare of companion animals in the second EU strategy for the protection and welfare of animals and represent a first step in developing a harmonised approach across the EU for companion animals.

 “We are extremely grateful to the European Parliament for recognising the current difficulties experienced by not having a co-ordinated approach to companion animals across the European Union and for supporting this Written Declaration. Currently there are major differences in animal welfare standards across EU member states and there is a need for concerted action to improve the situation,”said Sonja Van Tichelen, Director of Eurogroup for Animals.

“We hope that the Commission will now act swiftly to address the concerns raised in both this Written Declaration and the Council Conclusions agreed at the end of last year. It is vital that we have a co-ordinated policy approach across the EU to prevent animal suffering and halt the spread of disease and illegal trade,”she concluded.

Eurogroup for Animals will work to ensure that the European Commission incorporates the welfare of companion animals robustly into the next animal welfare strategy and that the demands of Europe’s citizens represented by the members of the European Parliament are listened to and acted upon.

– ENDS –


1. Eurogroup for Animals represents animal welfare organisations of nearly all EU Member States. Since its launch in 1980, the organisation has succeeded in encouraging the EU to adopt higher legal standards for animal protection. Eurogroup represents public opinion through its membership organisations across the Union, and has both the scientific
and technical expertise to provide authoritative advice on issues relating to animal welfare. For more information about Eurogroup, visit

2. Council Conclusions on cats and dogs can be found here

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Written declaration on dog population management in the European Union


Dear all,

After in European Parliament, during the last 10 years, three Written declarations with regard at stray dogs situation have been launched but did not obtain the majority necessary to be adopted, October 13 comes with a great success.

The Written declaration no. 26 on management of dog population (initiators: Daciana Sarbu and Adina Valean, Romania, Elisabeth Jeggle – Germany, Raul Romeva i Rueda – Spain, Janusz Wojciechowski – Poland) was ADOPTED !!!

The Written declaration requires the EU Member States to adopt a dog population management strategy including:

 –          Sterilization, identification, registration of dogs

–          Promoting responsibility of the owners towards animals

–          Legislative measures against cruelty to animals

The adoption of this statement is a very important step in stray animals welfare !  The animals from the countries with dramatic situation like Romania can hope!

Thank to you all who got involve in lobbying the MEPs!


Carmen Arsene



Die schriftliche Erklärung wurde im EU-Parlament angenommen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


EU: Management of Dog Population Written Amendment – Only 11 Signatures required. Please Contact MEPs Who Claim to be ‘Animal Welfare’ People and Ask Them to SIGN – Now, Today !!

Nur noch 11 Unterschriften fehlen!!!

Hier nochmal zusammengefasst, die Parlamentarier aller Länder, die bis heute nicht unterzeichnet haben. (Aus anhängerder Word-Datei kopiert).

Bitte appellieren und Daumen drücken!

 Dear all,

The Written declaration no. 26/2011 concerning the management of dog population (launched by the MEPs Daciana Octavia Sarbu, Elisabeth Jeggle, Raul Romeva i Rueda, Adina-Ioana Valean, Janusz Wojciechowski) whose text is in full compliance with the requirements of implementing measures for a humane, rational, effective management of dog population by:

§         identification, registration

§         promotion of responsible pet ownership and awareness of the benefits of sterilization the owned animals

in order to control the number of unwanted dogs and to stop and prevent abandoning and asking also implementation of legislation against cruelty to animals, needs till Thursday, 13 October, ONLY 11 signatures to be adopted! (till now 358 signatures have been collected).

During the last 10 years other 3 Written declaration on this subject have been launched but not adopted. It is the first time when we are so close of such a victory!

Please, contact TODAY your deputies (or their assistants) at their cabinets in Bruxells and ask them to sign the Written declaration no. 26. Because they are motivated to sign a declaration that needs only few signatures, please mention that.

You have attached the names of the deputies who did not signed yet (ordered by country) and here you can find their telephone numbers in Bruxells.

The best time to be contacted is in the morning, 9 – 11 AM.

Thank you.


Carmen Arsene