Romania: Unprecedented Killing Dogs Campaign – by PD-L Party (Romania).

Dear all,

Opposition/disapproval from Romanian Parliament of the parties PSD and PNL, the opposition of some colleagues party (PD-L) and of the coalition, resulted in PL 912 for dog management (turned into mass killing by PD-L amendments) don’t go through, such as the party in power, meaning PD-L, has every time decided the vote to be postponed. That it is happened in October 18 when, realizing that if they would vote, the project would fail, PD-L has decided to postpone the debate (for 2 November)

Under the title “Bucurestiul fara maidanezi” (Bucharest with no stray dogs), 10 days ago, PD-L has launched in Bucharest, a dirty incredible campaign and unprecedented in the history of Romania, for MASS KILLING OF DOGS, which stretches for several days across the country (especially in areas where the mayors are PD-L), under the title “Elibereaza-ti orasul” (“Clear out your town”):

–          lay-out tents where signatures pro killing are collected

–          people studded on all subway stations, in markets and crowded areas, sharing flyers

–          they illegal use the state institutions (General Inspectorate schools, the Romanian Post), by which the flyers are distributed and signatures are collected. The people do not receive pension, unemployment wages, if they do not sign on the list brought by the postman

–          the flyers (two types) include:

I.     populist slogans, false information aiming arousing people’s aggressivity against stray dogs wishing thus, as outraged citizens finally opt for the death of dogs

II.   false information that creates the impression that “PDL law” requires human management of stray dogs by sterilization, oral information given by representatives of the PD-L are the collecting signatures is for sterilization and / or sheltering, so that under deceitful, false slogans, by manipulating images, most of the citizens who signed the lists do not accept under any circumstances euthanasia as a method of management of stray dogs and they don’t know they actually signed for killing dogs

–          To create a favorable image and to create the illusion in the eyes of the signatories that this campaign would be in line with EU policies, PDL has associated its image with the EPP – European People’s Party (whose Membership is) to create the impression their criminal action against street dogs is agreed by the EPP. Thus, the header of lists where the signatures are collected contains EPP logo. Public opinion from Romania, NGOs, the great mass of animal lovers are outraged that EPP is part of this mendacious campaign that instigates to murder.

(attachment: PD-L tent; lists with signatures where EPP logo is; I dis not attach the flyers as they are in Romanian (if you would like please, let me know)

If mass killing of over 10 years did not get any result in the street so why this fight for a failed method??

The sustained fight in which PD-L sends in the street an entire artillery with an impressive ammunition, lists, flyers a.s.o to determine people, by false slogans, by manipulating text and images, is a new indisputable evidence of a mega business with killing dogs:

–          The local authorities (and those behind them) allocate huge budgets – just on paper, reporting fictive consumption for sheltering, feeding, sterilization, identification, euthanasia, incineration – ‘legal’ frauds on public money

–          profits by selling the dog food and veterinary medicines, that are supposed to be used for the stray dogs

–          dog catchers who, to not take the stray dogs protected by the people, require a “protection fee” (around 25 Euro/dog)

–          costs of incineration at PROTAN (a controversial company) per kg dead body and the transport for dogs is very expensive

The stray dogs, that incur the state no costs to live on street, are hunted by another type of mafia. Their killing, starvation in the town-halls extermination camps bring profits to a “fat” business up to 500 millions Euro just in the first stage!

Please, send your protest, contact (email, fax, phone) EPP – European People’s Party to show your indignation for their image association (probably EPP does not even know about it) with the dog killing campaign launched by its member-party, PD-L (Democratic Liberal Party) in Romania.

EPP President: Mr. Wilfried Martens

EPP Headquarters: rue du Commerce 10, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Switchboard: +32-2-2854140, Fax: +32-2-2854141,


Thank you.

Carmen Arsene

Japan: ‘Gas Chambers in Japan’ by Bonnie Snider – Dont Let It Happen Here !

Gas chambers in Japan; don’t let this happen here

By Bonnie Snider – Animal Advocacy Examiner

October 30, 2011

Video footage:

Article Link;

Over the past week I’ve written articles about the horrors of gas chambers in use in our country to kill unwanted shelter animals.  In the United States, there are still states where gas chambers are in use, but thankfully it’s not the majority. 

It’s another story entirely for Japan.  An investigation conducted by the Sunday Mirror exposed the fact that over 250,000 animals die in what the Japanese disgustingly call “dream machines”; the government-run gas chambers.  Source.

“Designer dogs” are all the rage now in Japan, with massive breeding going on for those types of dogs.  Pet store windows are crammed full of puppies, but once too old or not considered worthy for sale, they are killed.  These animals are considered like any other impulse buy; once tired or bored with the animal, the buyers toss them away without another thought.  Puppy mills are now thriving there, with conditions as bad or worse than those in the US.  

The reporter for the Sunday Mirror called the Japanese gas chamber system a “conveyor belt of death”.  The animals are piled into the chamber, the gas turned on and the agonizing process of death begins.  Richard Jones, the Sunday Mirror reporter described it this way: 

“As the deadly gas slowly fills the box it takes 10 minutes for the barking inside to die down into heart-breaking whimpers. And as the dogs writhe in agony, it takes another 20 minutes before their twitching bodies are finally still. “

Once this gruesome process of death is finished, their bodies are sent down a chute and into an incinerator, where they are burned.  Nobody knows if any survived the gassing, so some of these innocent animals could end up being burned alive.  These machines of death murder an average of 550 innocent animals every day.  

The nightmare of gas chambers seems to know no bounds.  This kind of killing machine is barbaric and sick and there simply must be something done to stop it.  We must stand up and be heard to end this nightmare for all animals.  

So far, no petitions have been started in connection with the gas chambers of Japan.  But there are very important petitions related to this issue in the United States.  The one directed at the White House will close on October 31st, so signatures are needed by then.  Another has been opened at Care2, as well as another directed at Congress, with ongoing signatures needed.  All are linked below. 

Please take a moment to sign these critical petitions.  These are living breathing beings with emotions and who feel fear and pain just as we do.  To kill them in this manner is beyond cruel and must end.  They have no choice about being where these machines run, and they have no voice other than ours to stop it. 

We’ve seen in the past that our country has used other machines/practices from Asian countries as models to implement in our own.  If we’re not careful, these “dream machines” could become a reality right here in our own back yards.  Please don’t let that happen. 

Click here for the We the People petition.

Click here for the Care2 petition.

Click here for another petition to Congress to ban gas chambers.

Click here for the Take Action – Ban Gas Chambers Facebook page.

Click here for the Take Action Ban Animal Gas Chambers website.

Click here for the first prior story about gas chambers.

Click here for the earlier story about gas chambers.

Bless all of the hearts who care about the animals. 

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