Romania: Take URGENT Action for Strays Now – We Have Little Time Remaining – PETITIONS.

*** Urgent action for Romanian strays – don’t delay –

sign the petitions NOW ! ***

Please click on the following link which will give you access to several petitions for Romanian strays.

Please sign both urgently; there is only a week until a decision is made if it will be legal to slaughter Romanian strays.

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Dear Friends,

Unfortunately, I have some very sad news to share. 

After months of world-wide demos, national flashmob protests, hundreds of petitions, vote delays and false hope – the Romanian Chamber of Deputies has today pushed through the vote for mass killings to commence.  The only remaining step is for the Romanian President to ratify the proposals and then the slaughter begins (….it has started already in many places in anticipation of this final act).  The PD-L party have at last managed to seal the fate of hundreds of thousands of strays and public shelter dogs who will be killed using the cheapest possible methods many of which will be illegal and barbaric.  The collection, incarceration and finally the incineration of the murdered dogs is big business for many corrupt officials and the companies they employ to do this dirty work and they just cannot let this golden opportunity pass them by.

It seems that everything possible has been done by so many NGO’s and animal welfare groups/individuals but ultimately to no avail.  That said, Carmen Arsene who as spearheaded the political campaign against the vote from the very beginning is urging us all once again to lobby the key players below one last time in the hope that they might just show mercy and reconsider if the outpouring is large enough.

Please take just 5-minutes to do this and then share and crosspost to all friends, family and colleagues.   

Many thanks and I will as always continue to keep you posted….

Chrissy – Romania Animal Aid – London.

Dear all,

The business industry made by the profiteers around stray dogs has won.

The dog killing has been adopted today by the Chamber of Deputies of Romania.

To be voted 167 votes were necessary but it got even one vote more, 168

The votes:

168 – for euthanasy

111 – against euthanasy

  14 – abstentions

    3 – did not vote

The next step is its promulgation by the Romanian president, Traian Basescu.

Minimum chances we still have by attacking the law at Constitutional Court of Romania that must be done immediately. 50 deputies must sign the request.

Minimum chances because the corruption is everywhere and the Court is under the control of the same killing party: PD-L.

–          After 30 days the dogs are killed, returned or kept in municipalities’ shelters according the result of consulting the citizens of respectively locality (consultation is not defined such as the mayor can ask 10 citizens and take the decision he likes)

–        BUT, actually, within a period of 3 days, according the law the ill, aggressive, dangerous dogs can be killed (independent of the will of citizens) – such as ALL dogs can be killed (nobody can prove the killed dogs were not ill or aggressive)

On the other hand, even the city hall will opt for keeping in shelters, everybody know the extermination camps from Romania and, moreover, meantime, the rest of dogs will multiply in the street

If a town will choose sterilization & return, the program will be sabotaged by others who will dump the dogs here in view of save them

–          obstruct and discourage adoptions; you can adopt a dog only if you show the proof of living space, material resources and pay a fee and if the neighbors agree (cumulative conditions), therefore no dog will be adopted

–          the dog catchers have the right to sanction and control the dog owners

In this form the mass atrocities will begin and the stray dog situation remain the same.

We desperately need your help again by sending protest letters to:

  1. Mr. Traian Basescu, President of Romania, Fax: 00 40 21 319.31.31,,,
  2. Mrs. Elena Udrea, Ministre The Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, Fax: 00 04 37 211 13 37,
  3. Mr. Augustin Zegrean, President, Constitutional Court of Romania, fax: 00 40 21 312.43.59,
  4. Mr. Emil Boc, Prim-minister of Romania, Fax: 00 40 21 313 98 46,

Thank you.