England: 25/2/16 – All UK MEP’s Now Supplied With Video Copy and Letter – SAV also Supplies Video and Letter To The European Parliament’s Press Service.


Stopping long distance lie animal transport is an issue that we feel very strongly about and have campaigned against for over 25 years.  See more about this in ‘About Us’ which is tabbed at the top of the page.

EOA Turkey 1

25/2/16 update

As well as completing contact and supply of the EU / Turkish video to all of the UK MEP’s today, we have also sent copies of the video to the European Parliament’s Press Service, which comprises a team of press officers whose job it is to assist journalists and provide them with information on what is going on in Parliament. Each press officer specialises in a particular area, official language or member state, so as to ensure comprehensive coverage of all of Parliament’s activities and to provide information to journalists from all Member States.

The video or issue of non EU animal exports is not currently being discussed by Parliament, but we have made the Press Service aware of the UK referendum in June; which we know they will be interested in.  We have outlined that many UK voters will be influenced by the video.

EOA Turkey 2

We have today (25/2/16) written to:

  • the Director for the Media and European Parliament Spokesman

  • the Head of Press Unit and Deputy Spokesperson

  • the Head of the Media Services Unit

And the 4 members of the Press Unit – Spokespersons Service

We flagged the message and have already had confirmation back from almost everyone that they have read the mail (which contains the video link).

We hope that even though the issue is not currently being discussed by the Parliament, the UK referendum and the release of the new video may work its way through to some EU journalists.

EoA Turkish slaughterhouse Dec 13

Above – A Turkish Slaughterhouse.

Video Link –


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