UK: BBC ‘Winterwatch. A Daily Visit To British Wildlife.

The BBC has, quite rightly, an international reputation for producing excellent wildlife programs.  Being English (and not Serbian as the site name suggests) – we can experience a lot of these throughout the year.  Every night at the moment we can view ‘Winterwatch’ – which gives an insight into British wildlife in the Winter months.  We want to share some of this with you.  Foxes, Badgers, Owls, Deer, Birds, etc, etc.



Chris Packham – see our recent post on his search for lost girl of the forest –   is one of the presenters.




Here is the main link to the Winterwatch website:


and here we are going a little bit deeper – more specific.


Program clips to get a feel for some of the natural issues covered –


Best bits from wildlife cameras –


Chris responds to a special letter –


Starling murmuration – Amazing –



Scroll to the bottom and there are 7 pages of clips and special items.

This page 2 for example –


There is lots more via the main link given above.

Enjoy !


We think and hope that this CAN be viewed by international visitors.


Winterwatch on Twitter –


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