England: SAV Now formally Write To The EU Regarding EU To Turkey Animal Transport.


**UPDATE 1730hrs GMT 6/3/16**

Copy of SAV letter, EoA video of exports to Turkey from the EU, and a few photographs now sent to London Mayor Boris Johnson – supporter of a UK EXIT from the EU.


All photos – Eyes on Animals (NL).


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Mark has now written a letter on behalf of SAV to the EU regarding the situation for animals in transport at the EU / Turkish border.

A copy of the SAV letter and the Eyes on Animals (NL) video can be viewed by clicking on the following links –

SAV Letter to EU without address

Video Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udReHkAumrY&feature=youtu.be

Please note that in the letter, only our contact details and address have been removed from this copy – otherwise it is unchanged.

Copies of the letter are each being sent to those detailed at the start, and we are sending hard copies by registered snail mail so that they have to be signed for on arrival.  This is our guarantee that they have been received, hopefully will be read (?), and that we should be supplied with a written response sometime in the future – hopefully before June and the UK In / Out referendum.

Regards SAV.




J Depp

Help Us please – we need to get as many people to support the petition as we can.  Please crosspost widely – Thank you.



Dear all,

Venus has very kindly produced a letter – here in both English and German; which can be copied and sent to the 3 e mail addresses which are provided:  To  Juncker, Tusk, and Schultz.

In order that we have an effect, please copy and send the letter to the 3 mails provided – please make sure you add your name and nationality at the end of the letter where indicated.

Thank you; and thanks to Venus for producing.


E mail the letter to the following please:



To Mr. Jean Claude Juncker – President of the European Commission.

Mr. Donald Tusk – President of the European Council

Mr. Martin Schultz – President of the European Parliament.

Dear Sirs,

About 5 years ago, EU and non EU citizens have expressed a wish with the unprecedented number of 1.3 million signatures. This action went down in history of democratic participation.

These citizens then demanded a limit of animal transport to 8 hours, and so was named this campaign “8hours campaign” against the agonizing, unlimited journeys of animals through Europe to their slaughter. Today these same citizens are more than ever disappointed by the ignorance and contempt by the EU Commission.

Disappointed because the European Commission has still opted for the lucrative and not for the animal friendly transport of animals. These still take days and are painful.

Disappointed because is still flowing blood from the trucks on the highway, the blood of animals, who are carted unnecessary for days, thirsty, starving, injured, half dead to whole Europe, although this is against the EU-Transport laws .

Disappointed because these “citizens’ initiatives” are systematically ignored from the European Commission, although they belong to the participation in the legislation in the EU after the Lisbon Treaty.

This disappointment has already reached the limit of anger within the EU countries. Because it is not just only an issue of animal rights. It is the betrayal of the European Commission on its citizens. It is the rejection of the European Commission to respect the decisions of their citizens who want nothing other than to improve an outdated Animal Transport Regulation.

This anger will reveal its first consequences in UK in the referendum. The power of the Internet is very large, you know better than we do. We can reach a lot of people, educate them, and eventually convince them. For or against EU. But which side are you on?

ADD YOUR NAME and Nationality.



President.Juncker@ec.europa.eu EC.SECRETARIAT@consilium.europa.eu europabuero@martin-schulz.eu

Dear Sirs, Vor ca. 5 Jahren hatten EU- und nicht EU- Bürger einen Wunsch geäußert, der mit der beispiellosen Zahl von 1,3 Millionen Unterschriften in die Geschichte der demokratischen Mitbestimmung eingegangen ist.

Diese Bürger verlangten damals ein Limit der Tiertransporten auf 8 Stunden, und so bekam diese Kampagne ihren Namen „8hours Kampagne“ gegen die qualvollen, unbegrenzten Fahrten der Tiere durch Europa zu ihrem Schlachtort.

Heute sind diese, dieselben Bürger mehr denn je enttäuscht von der Ignoranz und Verachtung der EU-Kommission.

Enttäuscht, weil die EU-Kommission nach wie vor für die lukrativen und nicht für die tiergerechten Tiertransporte entschieden hat. Sie dauern Tage lang und sind qualvoll.

Enttäuscht, weil von den LKW`s auf der Autobahnen immer noch Blut fließt, das Blut der Tiere, die unnötig Tage lang, durstig, verhungert, verletzt, halbtot durch Ganzeuropa ein gekarrt werden, ob wohl das gegen die EU-Gesetzten ist.

Enttäuscht, weil diese „Bürgerinitiativen“ von der EU-Kommission systematisch ignoriert werden, obwohl sie nach dem Lissabon Vertrag zu der Mitwirkung an der Gesetzgebung in der EU gehören.

Diese Enttäuschung hat schon die Grenze der Wut innerhalb der EU-Länder erreicht. Denn es ist nicht nur ein Thema der Tierrechte.

Es ist der Verrat der EU-Kommission an ihren Bürger. Es ist die Ablehnung der EU-Kommission, die Entscheidungen ihrer Bürger zu respektieren, die nichts anders wollen, als eine überholte Tiertransportverordnung zu verbessern.

Diese Wut wird ihre ersten Konsequenzen in UK bei dem Referendum des Volkes zeigen. Die Macht des Internets ist sehr groß, das wissen Sie besser als wir. Wir können viele erreichen, aufklären, und schließlich überzeugen. Für oder gegen EU. Auf welcher Seite stehen Sie?

ADD Your name and nationality.




eu uk 4cattle in manure





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