Serbia: Dead Farm Animal Bodies Just Dumped Near the Highway – A Perfect Food Source for Stray Animals; A Perfect method of Spreading Disease, and a Perfect Way for Corrupt Politicians to Keep Catching and Killing Stray Dogs !

Please click on any photograph to obtain a larger image – SAV.

Is it any wonder that Serbia has lots of stray dogs ?

Here you will see pictures of dead dogs and dead pigs which have been literally dumped on wasteland adjacent to a highway by farmers ?.

It is suspected that the farm animals have died on farms because of sickness and / or disease; – their bodies literally being taken to a location off a main road and dumped.  No secure animal carcass burial in accordance with any disease control procedures; animals bodies literally just dumped in the open and left to rot.

A hazard for animal health and also a hazard for human health.

So why are the Serbian authorities; now seeking EU membership, not doing something about this ?

This situation provides:



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