Slovakia: Video of a Puppy Being Burnt Alive. Demand Justice Now – Please Sign the Petition. Extreme Cruelty Shown in the Video: WARNING.

*** WARNING *** – EXTREME ANIMAL SUFFERING – Shown on the http link given below.  We would advise that you do not watch it; but whatever; please ensure that you add your name to this petition.

Thank you – SAV.

Petition Link:

Target: Interpol, PETA, Government of Slovakia

Attention! It is advisable not to watch the video, it’s content is extremely violent!.

Last July it was published on the internet a video where a little puppy is burnt alive:
This last action made on purpose among some people having “fun” about it.

People that love animals are asking others to investigate and punish the people that did this as well as to create and develop new laws that will severely punish those who act in this horrific way against animals.

We are tired of living among crazy people that amuse themselves against defenseless and innocent animals.

This as all other cases must not be forgotten and must be investigated.

Please sign this petition and share it with your friends on all social networks!!