ROMANIA: 10 Puppies Buried ALIVE in the Central Park of the City of CALARASI. Protest Letters to Send to Non Human Politicians !


ROMANIA: 10 puppies buried ALIVE in the central park of the city of CALARASI

You might all recall the horrible conditions in the municipal shelter in Calarasi Romania, where dogs starve to death, in a word HELL ::

Now, a horrible discovery: dog catchers have BURIED ALIVE, 10 puppies, 2-3 months old, in a park in down town CALARASI, right in front of the town hall building!

People heard the puppies crying:

Fortunately, the puppies have been saved in time. People in the neighborhood knew the momma dog and helped save the puppies.

We need to ask for justice for those workers to be punished in the most severe way.

Please send the letter below, prepared for us by our friend Mira both in English and Romanian, to the given addresses.

Thank you very much in advance!

****** P R O T E S T – L E T T E RS – ENGLISH & ROMANIAN ******

SUBJECT: Please defer to justice the workers who buried puppies alive in a park in Calarasi.

Dear Romanian authorities,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As a normal human being I am speechless, after learning about the workers who buried ALIVE puppies in a park down town Calarasi, three days after we learned about the massacre of over 30 dogs in Targu-Jiu Romania.

This hideous crime MUST be punished in the most severe way, based on the Romanian Law for the protection of animals, in force in Romania. These individuals, not only committed an atrocity, they brought even more shame on the city of Caralasi which has become notorious for the way stray dogs are cared about in the local shelter.

We can only hope that the Law Enforcement agencies will do everything in their power to punish these individuals. Anything less would be yet another proof that Romania does not want to implement nor apply her own laws and also that Romania is the worst place in Europe for the animals.

Thank you very much for your attention. May the New Year restore the legality and bring more compassion for all living beings.

please sign with your name and address


SUBIECT: Va rugam sa deferiti justitiei pe muncitorii care au ingropat catelusi de vii in parcul din Calarasi

Stimati autorităţile române,

Doamnelor şi domnilor,

In calitate de om normal, am ramas fara cuvinte cand am aflat ca muncitoriide la Spatii Verzi Calarasi au ingropat de vii, niste catelusi in Parcul Central din Calarasi.

Aceasta crima odioasa trebuie pedepsita in modul cel mai sever, conform legii pentru protectia animalelor, in vigoare in Romania. Acesti indivizi, nu numai ca au comis o atrocitate, dar a facut inca o data de rusine municipiul Calarasi, care deja a devenit notoriu pentru felul in care cainii fara stapan sunt ne-ingrijiti in adapostul local

Speram ca agentiile locale care au ca atribuite aplicarea legilor, vor face tot ce le sta in putere sa pedepsteasca pe acesti indivizi. Orice altceva decat pedepse severe, va fi inca o dovada ca in Romania nu se respecta si nu se aplica legii tarii si ca Romania este cel mai groaznic loc in Europa pentru animale.

Multumim pentru atentie. Fie ca Noul An sa restaureze legalitatea si sa aduca mai multa compasiune pentru toate fiintele.

Please sign with your name and address

SEND TO:,,,,,,,,, , ,,

CC: Romanian embassies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

*** or only in your country from the portal:

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