Romania: Petition – Dog Killers and Police Inaction – HARSHEST PUNISHMENTS for those who massacred dogs in Targu-Jiu – Romania

A very important petition – please sign and pass on to as many of your friends and contacts as possible.  Thanks – SAV.

Petition Link:

HARSHEST PUNISHMENTS for those who massacred dogs in Targu-Jiu – Romania

Target: Authorities in Targu-Jiu Romania, Romanian Police, FPAM

Sponsored by: IAARR, ALF-ARA Romania, Romania Stop Torturarii Animalelor, Citizens of the world

Dear friends,

Please join the Romanian Animal Protection officials, and Romanian animal rights activists, in their legal battle to ask for justice in the case of the recent massacres of stray dogs in TARGU-JIU ROMANIA.

One day after Christmas a fisherman from Targu-Jiu made a gruesome discovery on the River Jiu banks…over 30 dead dogs, scattered everywhere, on a 500m area…and bag with animal remains in the river. Police has been called to investigate BUT, as this is NOT the first time in that city, that such horrible discoveries occur, after which Police concluded that they can not punish anybody…and closed the case, we intend to press the local Law Enforcement agencies to find out, this time, not only how come so many dogs ended up dead in the same place and same time, but WHO did it…this is a mass killing…

We hope that the legal complains and the international outrage about this crime, will force the Local Law Enforcement agencies to fully apply the law in force in Romania for the protection of animals, and will punish in the most severe way these individuals.

There might be the tendency to cover up or to find and excuse or , who knows what….and THIS tendency MUST STOP…it is far too common to let let people who commit crimes against animals to walk free, to get a small fine or even not to get charged at all.

The time has come for Romania to implement and APPLY the laws of the land. Romanian Police does not take the Law 9/2008, for the protection of animals seriously, and many times acts as if THIS law does not even exist.

We ask for a thorough and tough investigation and for the harshest punishment of all the individuals involved.

The letter to the target is bilingual.

Thank you .





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