USA (California): Justice for ‘Clover’ – Petition – Almost Decapitated by Rope and Chain. Demand the Madera Police Take Action.

Justice for emaciated, filthy and almost decapitated dog (Petition)

Click here for the Care2 petition:  “Justice for poor Clover found nearly decapitated”.

Madera, CA:  Clover, a 1-1/2-year-old poodle mix was discovered after a concerned advocate reported his condition to authorities.  What they found when they arrived was horrific.

Clover was found helpless and severely sick.  He was tied with a tangled short chain to a pole in a backyard, unable to escape his torment.  A hard plastic rope had been tied around his neck clearly when he was just a puppy and much smaller, and the rope had slowly eaten into the flesh of his neck, almost completely decapitating him. (Source.)

He was freezing, emaciated, starving with no shelter whatsoever.  His fur was matted with his own waste, he had a raging fever from the infection from his neck and he was in agony from the pain of it.  No food or water was anywhere to be seen.

He craved kind human attention, but was in so much pain that it took numerous people to get him free from his painful prison of that rope and chain.  Incredibly, the human monsters responsible for Clover had placed another collar on his neck, but never removed the old plastic rope.  They left the chain attached to that rope, so every movement Clover made had to have been agony, with the rope carving deeper and deeper into his neck. 

The authorities stated it had to have taken months for Clover to end up like this, so those monsters would have had to know he was in such bad shape.  Even more astounding is that Clover was the second dog seized from this home because of neglect and cruelty in the past year.  The home owners deny they had anything to do with Clover at all. 

This shows how severely lacking laws are when it comes to the torture of animals.  These monsters should have never been allowed even near another animal after the first seizure. 

Clover was being cared for in a loving foster home, but in a heartbreaking turn on December 27th, he had to be euthanized because he had come down with tetanus, a horrible bloodstream infection most likely brought on by the rope that nearly took his little head off.  Sadly, help came too late for little Clover.  One can only imagine the kind of pain this precious boy endured with the cold, hunger, thirst, fever, infection and complete helplessness. (Source.)

He had been given medical treatment at the Madera Veterinary Clinic, where he had surgery to remove the imbedded rope and was fed through a feeding tube because the injuries in his neck had made it too painful to eat.  He had received intensive medical treatment and when stable, went to the foster home to recover.  At least for just a short while, Clover knew warmth and care, which he should have had his entire life. 

A petition has been started directed at the Madera County Police Department, asking that the perpetrators who did this to Clover be brought to justice and the maximum possible penalties be handed down against them.  No one spoke for Clover until one brave advocate made that lifesaving call about him.  Now it’s time for all advocates to be his voice, and send the message that this kind of heinous cruelty will not be tolerated and will be severely punished.

This is a Care2 petition, which anyone can sign.  You can access it here, or at the link provided below.  The maximum penalty for felony animal cruelty, the charges that are being filed, is 5 years in prison and/or a $20,000 fine.  That’s not much in comparison to the suffering this precious boy endured, but hopefully they will be given the maximum possible sentence as justice for little Clover. 

If you would like to make a small donation to help offset the huge medical expenses related to Clover’s care, you can do so via the Friends of Madera Animal Shelter website here, or at the link provided below.

Rest in peace precious Clover.  Advocates will speak for you and seek justice for your horrible suffering and neglect at the hands of human monsters.  You deserved so much more from life and our hearts ache that you never knew what it was like to be cherished as you should have been.  Know that we will carry on the fight for justice.

Click here for donations to the Friends of Madera Animal Shelter website. 

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Click here for the KMPH Fox 26 website for a video of Clover when he was alive and it was hoped he would recover and finally find a loving home.