EU: Very Urgent Action (For EU Citizens) by 15/03.2012 – Please Ask Your National / Regional MEP’s To Support Written Declaration (WD) 0049 / 2011 For An 8 Hour Maximum Journey Time For EU Animals In Transport. IMPORTANT – This is ADDITIONAL To The 1 Million + Petition Recently Completed – Please Act By March.

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** CAMPAIGNER ACTION REQUIRED ** to be completed by first week of March 2012.

An 8 hour Written Declaration (WD), Ref 0049 / 2011  and calling for an 8 hour maximum journey limit for live animals in transport has now been created by the following MEP’s – Dan Jørgensen, Esther de Lange, Pavel Poc, Carl Schlyter and Andrea Zanoni.

This Written Declaration is IN ADDITION TO the 1 million + petition which has been recently signed and completed by Euro citizens. 

*****  Do not confuse it with this EU citizen petition – this is a separate issue.

This Written Declaration can only be signed by supportive Members of the European Parliament (MEP).  It further supports the Euro citizen petition (! Million +) if the required numbers of (MEP) signatures are achieved. 

The required number is at least 369.

And so we need to support this massive Euro citizen petition of over 1 million by collecting the signatures of 369 (minimum) MEP’s by the deadline date of 15th March 2012.

We currently have 119 MEP signatures collected throughout Europe but still have another minimum of 250 to collect

To clarify, at least 369 MEP signatures of the WD need to be collected by early March if there is to be any success.

The number of the specific Written Declaration is: 0049 / 2011.

Its title isWritten Declaration on the establishment of a maximum 8-hour journey limit for animals transported in the European Union for the purpose of being slaughtered.

You can check which MEPs throughout Europe have / have not signed by clcking on the following link:

Very Important Note:

You can only ask your national and regional MEP’s to support this WD. 

Please do NOT contact other MEP’s outside your area or in other EU nations asking for them to sign.

Once you have clicked on the link check the following in relation to your specific regional MEP’s:

A GREEN TICK (√) to the left of the individual (MEP) name means they HAVE signed the WD;

A RED BAR against their name means they still HAVE NOT signed the WD.

Hence these (red bar) MEPs are now the only ones which need to be further contacted.

Once clicked on the above link and using youur national flag ident, find your regional MEP’s; or use the link given below to select your region. 

Then check against their name(s) – do they have a Green ‘Tick’ or a Red ‘Bar’ ?

If they have a Red bar still against their individual name, then they HAVE NOT yet signed the WD.

Therefore, please contact them immediately and ask them to support this

Written Declaration – 0049 / 2011.

We require as many Uk MEPs as possible to sign and support this

WD by 15th March.

Using the above procedure, you can specifically find out which of each of your REGIONAL MEP’s have or have not yet signed and, if not signed, ask them to add their signature to this WD – 0049 / 2011.

Take no further action against those who have already signed; apart from a line of thanks maybe ?

To help find your MEPs for different EU national regions, go to:

Click on ‘Country’ and ‘All’ drop down to find the specific MEP’s which represent the different regions (your region) of the EU.

Please ask ALL your National and regional MEP’s to support Written Declaration 0049 / 2011 for the 8 Hour limit NOW !

 Remember – Deadline of 15th March 2012.

We need to act NOW !

Thank You and regards;


Greece: Finally, Greece Hands Out A Kind of ‘Justice’ To the Scumbag That Attacks Stray Dogs With Sledgehammer.

Justice handed down for Greek dogs beaten with sledgehammer

January 9, 2012

Moxsato, Greece:  In the article published here on January 5th, the story about 2 innocent stray dogs who had been heartlessly bludgeoned with a sledgehammer simply because the human monster believed they had chased his chickens was told.

According to the information available, the trial has been completed.
In a huge victory for those innocent dogs and in a clear message for those who might consider this type of horrible cruelty in the future, the perpetrator has received a rather harsh sentence by Greek standards.

He was sentenced for a misdameanor crime, which was all that was available for the brutal beatings.  He was sentenced to 9 months in jail without the possibility of parole or to pay a fine to get out early.  He has also been ordered to pay a total of 8500 Euros (500 Euros for every threat he made to his neighbours, for the strays themselves, 1000 Euros for each dog harmed and 2000 Euros for King (Rigas), the poor dog who died from his horrendous injuries).

The perpetrator tried to present witnesses who stated the dogs attacked him because they were hungry, but the judge dismissed those witnesses as not being reliable.  Advocates packed the courtroom holding pictures of King, which the judge stated was simply too hard to look at.  Clearly the judge heard the pleas of the advocates for justice for these innocent dogs.

This is the first time an abuser of animals has received a sentence of this kind ever in the history of Greece.  This is a huge step forward for animals in that country, and hopefully will deter others from committing such horrors in the future.

Advocates in Greece are celebrating this victory and hoping it spells positive change for the future for animals in that country.  It was thanks to advocates from around the globe who spoke up for these innocent stray dogs that made it all possible.

Together, you truly do make a difference and your voices really are heard. Together, advocates showed the country of Greece and the world that the lives of all animals truly do matter.