Germany: The Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) Calls for Clarification on Animal Exports!



Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) calls for clarification on animal exports!

Translation of the article

The images that appeared in the SWR report (SWR television) in early March showed cattle crammed into trucks in the heat of the day, without water and food.
Transports like these should start from Baden-Württemberg (south Germany) and go to countries outside the EU, according to the report.

However, slaughter animals are no longer exporting from this land to third world countries – but breeding animals. Apparently, this happens under unworthy conditions, with numerous violations of animal welfare regulations.

Application should answer questions

“Haarsträubend”(horrific) finds that the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany). As the SPD announced on Wednesday, the party wants to find out with a request in the state parliament, how much the responsible Ministry of Agriculture knows about this practice. “It is obvious that violates animal welfare concerns and therefore you cannot wrap in silence,” said the SPD member of Parliament Reinhold Gall to the SWR.

Minister of Agriculture Peter Hauk (CDU = Christian Democratic Union) had been unwilling to publicize so far. “That is why we felt obliged to clarify this in parliamentary terms by means of a comprehensive list of questions.”


Hauk rejects allegations


On Wednesday evening, Agriculture Minister Hauk commented on the allegations for the first time. “I heard the accusation for the first time today,” he said in the SWR. “I cannot imagine that cattle from Baden-Württemberg were exported to third countries for slaughter purposes.”

The land animal protection officer Julia Stubenbord knows the problem of transports. She emphasized to SWR: “We have said quite clearly that Baden-Württemberg does not carry animals for slaughter, but it does export breeding animals, which in the end must also be transported to these countries.” In addition, the animals would then be slaughtered locally under the usual methods there.

Conference in February – only “show event”?
As late as February, the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Transport had decided at a round table to voluntarily refrain from marketing live animals from Baden-Württemberg for slaughter in third countries.

The SPD refers to this as a show event – it would fool something wrong, which obviously does not work in the reality of life.


(Following is translation of some important points in the video)

Start: it’s hot (40 degrees Celsius), it’s tight for days or even weeks during transport.
In the journey to third countries (Turkey, North Africa) many animals die on the way from exhaustion or thirst.

Extreme pictures, an unimaginable torment for the cattle.
(Second 19 in the video):

Of this problem, also knows the Land Animal Welfare Commissioner (Julia Stubenbord): “It is repeatedly and often massive maladministration and agony in the transports, even in EU countries, and regardless of whether we talk from breeding animals or Slaughter animals”.


(Second 43 in the video): In third world countries, the animals suffer unimaginable torments before being slaughtered. So their eyes are pricked out (48 seconds in the video), or the tendons are severed, and they are slaughtered without anesthetic.

(1: 00 minute in the video) It is officially stated to transport only breeding animals and no slaughter animals.

Commissioner: “I am glad that the issue is being addressed, and we have said quite clearly that no slaughterhouse animal should be transported.
About that has been signed an agreement signed by the Ministry.
Of course, and last but not least, they also expect the same cruel fate as the slaughter animals, if they are transported along such a painfully long way and are slaughtered there under the usual cruel methods. “

(1:29 minutes in video) In February, the Ministry of Agriculture had decided with participants of animal transports at a conference, VOLUNTARIES to dispense the marketing of slaughter animals. We can see in the video

(1:33 minutes) the agreement signed in green color, signed by the Ministry.

We can see in the video (1:33 minutes) the agreement signed in green color, signed by the Ministry.

(2:00 minutes in the video): SPD Member of Parliament Reinhold Gall calls this a farce: “What has decided under the table has long been practice! One has decided something for the welfare of the animals, one has thus officially gone public, one gives this as a merit and does not work. What has decided under the table has long been practice! It’s just a farce” !!

(2:12 minutes in the video):
Peter Hauk (Minister of Agriculture in Baden Württemberg) commented on the following because of the pictures: “The pictures are frightening, but I cannot imagine that they come from Baden Württemberg and guarantee don`t from slaughter animals.”!!!
The SPD refers to this as a show event – it would fool something wrong, which obviously does not work in the reality of life.

It demands clarification.


A comment from me on this subject: if a minister says he cannot imagine that the pictures and the (illegal) transports of animals for slaughter (also) come from Baden-Württemberg, although he has pictures and documents in front of his eyes, then I think that this minister considers me either stupid or apolitical.
And the phrase alone “I cannot imagine” is not a serious expression, is dubious even infantile formulation suitable only for “Useful idiots”.

And these are all those who support a corrupt system with their meat consumption, that lies and exploits not only animals but also its citizens.
And such a system prevails also in Germany.

Best regards to all



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  1. I absolutely agree with Venus. Animals are like 3 year old children.How can people cause such tremendous suffering and pain for a 3 year old children ?

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