Germany: 28/01/11 – German ‘Fox Week’ – Latest Pics, Links and Even A Message From Jesus.

We have a saying about fur here in England:

“It may take the skins of many dumb animals to make one fur coat;


The following is from the most nortorious of the German hunters’ forums

This is the same forum where the photos of the shot cubs and vixens are posted – see pictures directly below:

Some current pictures from the same forum are shown below – for fox week 2011 and winter 2010 / 2011.

Here is a translated write up from one of the articles which was posted on the forum:

“Right, yesterday afternoon we arrested fox No. 20 and 21, two dogs.

Despite drizzle and “den weather“ the two artificial dens were empty, and the two of them lay in the brambles with the vixen.

Basko chased all three out within 3 minutes. Sadly the vixen (of all things!!) escaped, because our mate gloriously missed. Oh well, shit happens.

At least we managed to slay the other two.

The second one made it back to the hedge, but could go no further from there (ass shot apart) and turned to face the dog.

I go into the brambles and see the fox dead (eyes rolled back in the head, motionless) lying under the brambles – Basko grabs him by the throat and shakes him (I praise him). I leave to get the rose shears to cut fox and dog out. And all of a sudden the commotion starts afresh, and my dog wails terribly; my mate has a look and what does he see ?

This fucking beast only pretended to be dead when I came to look at it, and when I left he went for the jugular of the unsuspecting dog and had his fangs sunk into Basko’s.

My mate then stood on his throat and he let go, and we slew him. But imagine: he really lay there for a good minute or longer like dead !

What a terrific feat !” 

Other links which may be of interest:,,2335758,00.html


Fancy being able to shoot so well with a balaclava right over your head

– Now thats what you call ‘A Real Man’ !

And Finally; we have just had a text message in from the almighty; it reads:

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