Germany: ‘Fox Week’ Killings Are Now Under Way – We have The data For Around the Last 20 Years – Please Read On …

A typical result from one hunt during ‘Fox Week’

The ‘Fox Week’ has now started in Germany – the indiscriminate killing of tens of thousands of beautiful foxes.

From a dedicated friend, we have now obtained German hunting figures and associated data over a number of years.

A series of general maps about Germany are provided in the following link:

The breakdown of German counties (Administrative divisions which should be used in direct conjunction with the statistics data tables) is shown on the following map:

The number of foxes killed per year per county:


A pdf graphic showing the numbers over the last approx. 20  years can be viewed by clicking on the following link:


Here are the statistics for the number of hunters per county:


‘Jagdscheininhaber’  = those with an active license
’LJV-Mitglieder’  = a member of the county hunters’s association.

A graphic showing the open and closed seasons for various game can be viewed via the following link:

Note  – Foxes are not included, because they do not enjoy protection from a closed season.

This table is valid on the national level, but counties may alter this for their own territory as they see fit.

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