SPAIN: URGENT HELP NEEDED FOR SPANISH ROCÍO – Can You Donate Any Funds at All ? – Full Details Below.

** UPDATE ** – Photographs just in – here they are:

Any donation welcome, no matter what size.  Thanks – SAV.

** Please crosspost far and wide **


DONATION APPEAL – Please give anything that you can.


Dear Diana, I´m going nuts with this situation, we need to get together 700
euros and no-one has any money with this crisis!

The only way to get it together would be to ask people to donate small quantities, like 10 euros, and if we reach enough people may be


In desperate need

Rocío, a young fox terrier cross, was hit by a car near Jaén, Andalusia, and left on the road to die. She was found by a young man who brought her to the local shelter.

Unfortunately she is very hurt, her bones are broken in many places including her jaw and a good surgeon is urgently needed to save her. Naturally this costs a lot of money that this very humble shelter does not have.

They need urgent donations and if we succeed, afterwards a forever home for this angel, who is very sweet and although she must be in a lot of pain does not complain.

She is far too young to die, will you please help her?

700 euros are needed, any donation is welcome at this stage, may be many small donations can reach the goal. The X-rays can be sent to whomever asks for them.*

Bank details:

Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Plantas-Albayyasa-Baeza

(Shelter’s name, they also run the Baeza dog pound as no-kill, they do sterling work with practically no money)

2100 1630 14 0200066256 (Bank la Caixa)
IBAN ES59 2100 1630 1402 0006 6256


As an alternative, money donations can be sent directly by post to the following address:
(but make sure the money is well protected and secured)
María Teresa Cabeza Perez (presidenta)
Plaza de España 1, 1B
23440 Baeza, Jaén

You can write to María Teresa at the shelter but she only speaks Spanish.

You can write to me at or ring me on 0033 555476873 for further information.*
Kind Regards,
Iris Gallegos






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