Australia: Once Again, Animals Australia Proves to the World That PM Gillard Cannot Be Believed in Anything She and Her Government Say.

Once again Animals Australia has been forced to be the watchdog for Australia’s live export trade.

Many Australians are still understandably haunted by the images captured by Animals Australia investigators of Australian cattle being brutalised in Indonesian abattoirs.

Shock and disbelief accompanied the Gillard government’s decision to reopen the trade to Indonesia. Few Australians were comforted by promises of a new system that would ‘assure’ the protection of Australian cattle.

New footage from Indonesia that aired on ABC television has revealed our fears were well-founded. An Indonesian investigator engaged by Animals Australia documented the treatment of cattle in slaughterhouses over three nights and revealed that the brutal treatment of cattle continues unabated.

This industry was given a second chance when it deserved none.

Click here to tell the Australian Government that enough is enough: live animal export must end.

Lyn White
Campaign Director

P.S. Having witnessed first hand the terror experienced by animals exported live from Australia, my solemn promise to them is that their suffering will not be in vain. The biggest threat to this abominable trade is exposure.

Simply by sharing this video and signing this letter, you can help bring us an important step closer to a kinder future, free from live animal export.

Last year the Gillard government gave the live export industry a second chance that it didn’t deserve — and reopened the live cattle trade to Indonesia despite overwhelming calls from the community for the trade to be permanently banned.

We were promised that a new ‘regulatory framework’ would protect Australian cattle from ever again being abused in Indonesian abattoirs, but new footage from Indonesia reveals how hollow that promise was. Knowing that local abattoirs would be warned to be on the lookout for Australian animal cruelty investigators — Animals Australia engaged an Indonesian investigator to visit three abattoirs in Jakarta.

What he documented there over three nights has again shocked and appalled Australians and has conclusively proven that the new ‘system’ will in no way protect Australian cattle from cruelty on a nightly basis. Animals Australia has lodged an official complaint with the Gillard government highlighting that the evidence provided contains 61 different breaches of the basic standards expected from workers in abattoirs — including not checking that cattle were dead before they were being butchered.

This further evidence again conclusively proves that Australia cannot ensure the well-being of exported animals in importing countries — especially where there are no laws to protect them from cruelty. It also reveals once again the immoral nature of Australia’s live exporters who continue to reap profits from animal cruelty.

Australians overwhelmingly want live export to end.

The Gillard government is out of excuses

Since they are unable to guarantee to the Australian community that exported animals will be treated humanely — this trade must end.

No amount of profit, excuses or justification can excuse continued Australian government support of this industry.

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SAV Comment

A disgusting trade supported by a disgusting Australian government.

Gillard has failed as always and this new footage from AA once again shows that you cannot believe a word that the animal abusing Australian government say.

It is time they banned live exports for good – then they may get a fraction of respect.

In Europe, this trade is sinking the Australian government to the bottom of the pile.

It is time they did something to surface ! – they are pathetic.

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