Uk (England): Michael Tucker (Live Export) Campaign Photographs.

Further to our recent post relating to the sad death of Michael Tucker:

we have now obtained some more good photographs of Michael campaigning in London against live animal exports.  We would like to share them with you.

Photos are with thanks to Philip, Tina and the team at Compassion In World Farming (CIWF) – Godalming, Surrey, England, United Kingdom:

EU: The Written Declaration on the Establishment of a Maximum 8-Hour Journey Limit Has Now Been Adopted Within the EU.

** News 16/03/2012 **

Written Declaration on the establishment of a maximum 8-hour journey limit

Past SAV posts on this issue:

The European Parliament during its plenary session in Strasbourg adopted Written Declaration 49/2011 on the establishment in the European Union of a maximum time limit of eight hours for the transportation live animals to slaughter.

“This is a key moment in a campaign that will end only when it has limited the transport of animals over long distances for slaughter. The Declaration and the collection of one million signatures are part of the 8 hours campaign which calls for a limitation on the transport of live animals for slaughter to a maximum of eight hours.

Travel today can last several days, causing extreme suffering to many animals, especially the old and young especially during the warmer seasons and this is completely unnecessary and unacceptable,” commented Dan Jørgensen MEP.

The Intergroup for Animal Welfare and Conservation welcomes this initiative and is extremely pleased that more than half of all MEPs supported this proposal, which was launched by the German organisation Animal’s Angels and Dan Jørgensen MEP, President of the Intergroup.

From left to right: MEPs Andrea Zanoni, Dan Jorgensen, Esther de Lange, Carl Schlyter, Pavel Poc.

SAV Comment:

Thank you to all our friends who worked so hard with their national MEPs to get this WD passed.

We can now move on with the support of both the WD and the 1 million + signature petition from the citizens of Europe.

Some political parties in the Uk (Conservative and UKIP) would not give any support to this declaration.  You have to ask why they are in the EU as MEPs when they do not support the requests of so many constituents.

This will be remembered and will form part of animal welfare campaigning at the next EU MEP elections.

Uk (England): Michael Tucker – A Dedicated Live Animal Export Protester Stalwart.

Michael Tucker

It is with the greatest of sadness that I have to inform everybody over the passing of Michael Tucker, on March 2nd in a North London hospital.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Mike whilst taking part in the daily CIWF (anti) live export vigil held in Whitehall, London, run by great friend Liza, outside of the Ministry of Agriculture (then MAFF) offices during the early 90s.

Anyone who ever attended those Whitehall vigils will always remember Mike. A very smart, well-dressed man, Mike became a visual ‘celebrity’ because each and every vigil day, throughout each week, he would arrive with mop and bucket in hand; put on his ‘Ban Live Exports’ bowler hat, and proceed to start washing down the outside walls and steps of the MAFF offices; his simple message being, “MAFF, clean up your act regarding live animal exports”.  The bowler hated mopper was a real campaign ‘attention-getter’, especially with all the London visitors and tourists.

With all his posters and placards on display along the MAFF outside walls, showing the suffering of farm animals undergoing long-distance (export) transport, Mike was paramount in obtaining the backing and new support of so many visitors and London workers into the big live export campaign and the issue of long distance live animal transport. His more than friendly approach to visitors and workers gained him so much respect for something that he so passionately believed in – that live international animal transport is both unnecessary and very cruel in the suffering it inflicts on sentient beings.  Mike played a very important part in gaining public support in London against the trade in live animal exports.

As the MAFF offices were located in Whitehall, a very busy part of central London; over the years of his campaigning, Mike became friends with many of the London bus drivers who used to stop at the bus stop adjacent to where his posters were located.  He always got the thumbs up from them in support of his tenacity on the export issue. His friendly nature with people saw him being constantly provided with cups of tea and coffee, fruit and biscuits by many passers-by who had become his friends over the months.

Mike has severe health problems throughout most of his life, but this did not stop him from making the daily train journey from his home in Harrow, Middlesex, down to Whitehall where he was a constant voice for the animals. As a young man Mike had begun his training with the Parachute Regiment, but this was brought to a sudden end when he was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident, riding pillion with his brother. The head injuries that resulted from this accident left Mike with severe walking problems; but despite this, the Harrow-Whitehall journey to the live export vigil became his daily target.  He worked as a gardener around Harrow for many years prior to his retirement; then moving over to being a full time vigiler.

I had the pleasure of becoming very good friends over the years with this Stalwart hero of live export campaigning. Many times I have the enjoyment of his company whilst staying at my house in Kent for a few days. Whenever possible, I would try to drive Mike down to Dover; especially to meet up with another regular campaigners at the harbour, and occasionally to be in the position where he could actually witnessed the live animal transporters taking livestock on the horrendous journeys from the UK to mainland Europe.  We both shared a love of military aircraft; with the Spitfire being his all time favourite.  I was really pleased that during one of our trips to the Kent ports; I took Mike to the Spitfire Museum at Manston airport; where he was able to get ‘close, down and dirty’ with his favourite flying machine.

Mike sometimes made the long journey from his London home down to Shoreham when the animal exports were being organised from the port.  His many visits to Shoreham in all weathers resulted in Mike contracting pneumonia at one stage – but after recovering he shrugged this off and continued with his fight for animals undergoing long distance transport.

For the past few years, Mike’s disability meant that he was unable to attend demonstrations; but he and I kept in very regular contact, and I kept him well informed of the work being done by many of us to try and permanently stop the live animal trade from Kent ports.  Mike was a member / supporter of KAALE  and helped us considerably with financial donations and support for the printing costs associated with our EU report (with Animals Angels, PMAF and Eyes on Animals) into the transportation of Irish calves to mainland Europe via Cherbourg, France.

Mike was a person who had complete and utter respect for all life.  He was also a campaigner who put pen to paper when physical problems no longer allowed him to get right into the action.  Live animal export campaigning was his thing, and as such, I am proud to say that Mike was very much a real hero in the massive reduction in live animal exports we are now witnessing from the Uk.

The photo attached shows Mike, complete with another of his ‘tools’; a cut down road cone which he used as a loudhailer at many demonstrations.  This picture is from ‘The Independent’ national Uk newspaper, published on Wednesday 2nd February 2000; and shows Mike doing his stuff at one of the demos at the NFU conference at the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London.

I am proud to have known Mike for so many years in an issue which we both consider(ed) to be our No. 1 campaign.  The only regret I have is that Mike was unable to witness a complete cessation in live animal exports from Kent and all Uk ports before he passed on.  I am sure that he is still looking down on us all and giving us his full support on the current issue of exports from the port of Ramsgate; our remaining hurdle which hopefully will then see a complete stop to animal exports from  the Uk.

Rest in peace Mike and on behalf of all your friends in live animal export campaigning, thank you for being such a voice for the animals over so many years.  You will be very much missed, but it was great to have known you as a great mate and to be able to call you a real campaigner friend.

Mike was 83 years of age.

Mark Johnson;
EU Correspondent – Kent Action Against Live Exports (KAALE) and Serbian Animals Voice (SAV) Founder.

Best Friends By Far ……….

With thanks to Jan for sending these over.

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Thailand: Horrifying Conditions at Thailand Animal Shelter Revealed – We Need to Close Down This Hell Hole for Animals NOW ! – Please Sign the Petition.

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Shelter Skelter: Horrifying Conditions at ThailandAnimal Shelter Revealed

Tony’s Shelter, in Pattaya, Thailand, has been under fire for years from PETA and compassionate people all around the world for keeping animals in filthy conditions and failing to provide them with even basic veterinary care. Here are just a few of the animals who have suffered at the hands of Tony, a wealthy local businessperson:

A dog with at least two broken bones and who was unable to walk was left to die on the concrete floor of a pen with several other dogs. A kind-hearted visitor to the shelter tried to bring the dog to a local veterinarian, but the dog died before he could be moved from the shelter.

This dog—whose rear legs were both paralyzed—was forced to drag himself around a filthy, mud-bottomed cage.

Frequent complaints from shelter visitors have reported that puppies are sometimes eaten by starving adult dogs and that adult dogs eat the bodies of their dead companions.

This dog had a prolapsed uterus that was left untreated.

One dog had a maggot-infested wound on his or her paw.

Dogs are not separated by age, sex, size, or temperament, which leads to frequent fights and severe competition for food.

A dog with a gaping wound on his shoulder was confined to a cage with several other dogs and was apparently given no treatment for his injuries.

Even though Tony’s Shelter claims to be in desperate need of supplies, medicine that PETA took to the shelter to help alleviate the suffering of animals who were infected with mange was never used.

The vast majority of the dogs housed at Tony’s Shelter are underweight or emaciated.

Please help PETA keep the pressure on Tony’s Shelter to improve conditions immediately or close the shelter altogether by writing to your local Embassy of Thailand asking the ambassador to intervene on behalf of the animals at Tony’s immediately.

Posted by Ashley Fruno

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** UPDATE 13/03/12 ** – Nearly 3,000 Cattle Die On A Stranded Ship – ** UPDATE 13/03/12 **

Nearly 3,000 Cattle Die On A Stranded Ship ** UPDATE 13/03/12 ** 

Photo – Care2

SAV previous post link:

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Nearly 3,000 Cattle Die On A Stranded Ship

by Sharon Seltzer

March 9, 2012

One of the worst live export tragedies is finally over leaving 2,750 cattle dead out of 5,600 on board a Brazilian ship headed to Egypt. The remaining animals are on land, after being stranded in the Red Sea for a week.

Animal welfare group, Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) said the Gracia Del Mar was carrying 5,600 animals from Brazil to Egypt to be slaughtered for food. The ship first got into trouble after running into bad weather. Later the converted livestock ship had problems with its ventilation and food systems. The combination of these complications caused half the cattle on board to suffer and die.

Animals Australia called the incident, “one of the worst shipboard disasters the live export industry has seen in many years.” The animal rights group pleaded with the Australian government to send resources to help the surviving cattle.

When the Gracia Del Mar arrived at Port Said, Egypt which should have been the end of their journey, they were refused permission to dock because of the dead animals. The captain made the decision to sail through the Suez Canal to the Red Sea and try three more ports in Djibouti, Sudan and Eritrea, but they were turned away again.

Ultimately the ship became stranded in the Red Sea with the suffering cows inside.

Animals Australia reported that authorities considered moving the remaining cattle onto smaller boats in the Horn of Africa and then sailing them to shore. Activists urged officials that this was inhumane and to unload the cattle directly onto dry land.

Finally on Tuesday, word was received that all of the live animals had been taken off the ship. Animal groups are now trying to learn the whereabouts of the cows.

“We have been unable to verify the latest reports but are continuing in our efforts to find out what is happening with the surviving cattle and trying to ensure their humane treatment after the harrowing journey they have been forced to endure,” CIWF said.

“What is clear at the moment is the incident is another example of why long distance travel for farm animals should be ended.”

Lyn White, Director of Animals Australia worried about the consequences to the animals if the ship had “broken down on the open ocean.” “It would have caused a catastrophe,” she said.

Peter Kane of the Australian Live Export Council condemned some of the guidelines of the Brazilian cattle export business, but touted the many safeguards and high-standards his country has in place to protect the animals being shipped overseas for slaughter. He assured the public this sort of situation would never happen to Australian cows.


SAV Comment:

Mr. Kane – these may be cattle from South AAmerica, but have you ever seen the abuse of Australian cattle in Indonesian slaughterhouses ? – yes you have for sure, and still you export.

Have a look at the AA Footage and then tell us this kind animal abuse would never happen to Australian cows – all a result of the Aus live export trade.

You may think the Aus live export trade is squeaky clean; but the real world knows otherwise.